Monday, December 31, 2007


Dear All,

For me, it was a year of disappointment in both personal and professional front.
The fatal accident,separation,jilted lovestory,plastic surgery and many more.

However due to all my well wisher's good wishes,escaped and got my second birth and also played a vital role in saving Arush's life in the accident.

Let's hope,the year 2007 brings me some lady luck and helps in personal and professional goal achievement.

Some resolutions..this year:-
1.Will minimise my phone bills monthly by 50% atleast.Already started minimising my calls and hope will carry on like this.

2.Will save money systematically for my future projects and won't waste it.

3.Will spend more time for my parents,family members judiciously.

4.Will not marry with my job and will work for manly hours for which I am being paid for.

5.Will not get into any emotional relationship with any female and won't give anyone an opportunity to use me as a door mat.

6.Will try to be a teacher/mentor/motivator/guide like Ram Shankar Nikumbh(Aamir Khan) of TARE ZAMEEN PAR.


Manasa Nayak


Dear All,

Happy to inform you all that my write up on TZP got published in "Letters to the Editor" section of The New Indian Express-Bhubaneswar edition yet again on 25th December.


Manas Nayak

Monday, December 24, 2007

Tare Zameen Par addresses Effective Parenting

Dear All,

Recently, I had seen the Aamir Khan directed movie namely "Tare Zameen Par".It is an outstanding movie addressing issues like "Effective Parenting and it's importance to shape the kid's lives".It encompasses a journey of a student who is being forced to be a book worm and was compared with his peers.Thus the kid suffers from chronic depression and also looses his interest in painting where he is good at.This is a common scenario in Indian family.Most of us are accidental engineers,doctors,MBAs whereas our personal interest was something else.We run after percentages only killing our own interest and power of creativity.At times,parents become conditional in their love and it reallly leads to low self-esteem.In today's busy world,parents don't give time to their wards.Instead,engage them in videogames,WWF etc.Studies have shown that children who hit usually have a role model for aggression at home.This in return,teaches the kids about violence,sex,aggression etc.The negative inspirations from violent movies,games etc corrupt their mind.I believe the recent Gurgaon shoot out was end result of this only.

I would request each and every parents of India to accompany their kids to watch this masterpiece created by Aamir Khan and crew which actually carry a social message.Such movies should be tax-free across the country.Even the school authorities should watch it to understand the student psychology.This will give them the cues to come out with innovative teaching methodologies without compelling them to do something they dislike.


Manas Nayak


Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Dear All,

I am happy that the following write up was published in the "Letters to the editor" section of "The New Indian Express" dated 27th November,2007.


Dear All,

Indians never learn from history.
Rahul Baid deserved to be Indaian Idol,whereas he was not even among the finalists.Amit sana was better in singing but Abhijit Sawant became the winner.But today,Rahul already into bollywood and doing well even in stage shows.Similarly,Qauji Toki,became the winner in Fame Gurukul who was pathetic in singing.Karunya was a great singer but due to voting system,lost it to Sandeep Acharya.However came out with the "AANA CHARANA"song of lAGE RAHO MUNNABHAI and getting so many songs.In ZEE-SAREGAMAPA-the pakistani singer Amanat was the best or may be Raja,but Anik Dhar won it finally.Abhaas,Toshi and Harshit..any two of them should have been there with Harshit in the final.But Indians alaways repeat their mistakes,they never learn from their mistakes.But due to Harshit's voice quality and playback quality,he will do extremely well in near future.Let us pray for his success.Harshit!When you are getting maximum votes from the neutral regions,that means you are the true VOI.May God bless you.



Wednesday, November 21, 2007


1.The Lok Sabha is set to discuss the Nandigram issue today but not as a law and order problem.

2.Veteran Shiv Sena leader and former Maharashtra minister Pramod Navalkar, who was regarded as the state's 'cultural cop' during the tenure of the saffron government, passed away in Mumbai on Tuesday following a heart attack.

3.NDTV's Shikha Trivedi has won the award for best programme on a topical issue at the Association of International Broadcasting Awards (IBA) in London.She won the award for her documentary on AIDS and HIV in Uttar Pradesh.There were special commendations for NDTV Managing Editor Barkha Dutt for Presenter of the Year and NDTV 24x7 for Channel of the Year 2007.

4.Shahrukh disappointed at BCCI's comments.

5.Karnataka is back under Central rule.

6.12 Guilty in Uphaar case.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Daily Headlines

1.Cyclone Sidr triggered a tidal surge on the Bangladeshi coast, devastating three villages. The storm also battered the capital Dhaka.The death toll has topped 500, and is rising, with thousands injured or missing.

2.Steel tycoon Lakshmi N Mittal reigns as the richest Indian for the fourth year in a row with a wealth of $51 billion, according to Forbes' India's 40 Richest list for 2007.
List of top 10 richest Indians
Rank Name Net Worth
1 Lakshmi Mittal $51 billion
2 Mukesh Ambani $49 billion
3 Anil Ambani $45 billion
4 Kushal Pal Singh $35 billion
5 Azim Premji $14.8 billion
6 Sunil Mittal $12.5 billion
7 Shashi and Ravi Ruia $12 billion
8 Ramesh Chandra $11.6 billion
9 Kumar Birla $11 billion
10 Tulsi Tanti $10 billion

3.SRK has apologised to Manoj Kumar for aping the veteran star in Om Shanti Om.

4.Softening its stand on the Indo-US nuclear deal, the Left Front on Friday allowed the UPA government to hold formal talks with the International Atomic Energy Agency.

5.The Calcutta High Court directed the CBI to continue the inquiry into March 14 Nandigram police firing and violence and submit a report within a month.

6.Former premier Benazir Bhutto on Friday rejected Pakistan's new caretaker government as "not acceptable" in her first comments since being freed from house arrest.

Back to square one

Dear All,

After a long time,I have decided to spend atleast 30 minutes for posting something useful on my blog sincerely.


Manas Nayak

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


In business of education, we always end up doing events. The most cliche thing we do is seminars. But to deviate from the league and to capture a bigger audience at one go( since the college attendance is maximum now), Career Launcher Raipur decided to do an inter college event which was named:


It was conducted in 2 phases wherein 12 colleges of Raipur were covered from 6 Oct to 13 october. In these colleges, a 1 hr aptitude test was conducted and on the basis of performance in written test, top 10 students from each college were selected for the final round.
The colleges involved were:
1) National Institute of Technology
2) Raipur Institute of Technology
3) Disha Institute of Management and Technology
4) New Govt Engineering College
5) School of Computer Science, Ravi Shankar University
6) Gurukul Girls College
7) Disha College
8) MATS college
9) MAIC college
10) Harishankar College
11) Agriculture University
12) College of Dairy Technology

In all, 907 students took the written test from which 123 were selected for the finals.

FINAL ROUND- Date: 14 Oct
Venue: Hotel Aditya
Time: 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM

On 14th morning, we all had an apprehension whether students will turn up or not owing to the India-Australia match same day and that too in Nagpur( just 400 km away). But when the event started, much to our surprise around 250 students turned up. Event started with an Introduction round. Finalists (123 students) were grouped into 10 groups of 12 students each and then we went for LIVE GDs. Topics were like: ? B-Schools don?t produce good Managers? , ? Which is better: Pen, Pencil, Both or none? , ? Female Managers are better that Male managers? , ?its not INTEL inside, its MENTAL inside? , ? A leader is dealer of hope? and etc. After each GD, live feedbacks were given abt their performance, body language, eye contact, communication and so on.

Once all the GDs finished, students were invited to share their experiences and the response was overwhelming. Rahul Babu from NIT said- this was even better than NDA SSB. Aditya Tulsyan from NIT said ? he has attended so many seminars from other great speakers, but this one was the best so far.

After GD round, 33 students were selected for the PANEL INTERVIEW which stretched for 2 hour wherein students were asked questions from all spheres.

Then we had a lunch break of half an hour at 4 pm and along with that, CL students performed musical extravaganza with their vocal chords and guitar.

And then came the KWIZ PAKODAH- the business Quiz. The Preliminary round was a crossword puzzle covering 25 questions. 37 teams ( 2 member each) took the prelims out of 6 teams were selected for final round. The Quiz Master was none other than Manas Nayak-the brain behind KWIZ PAKODAH.
Finals had 6 rounds covering variety of audio-visual questions from business world. At 6:45 pm quiz ended with guys from DIMAT emerging as a winner. There were huge accolades since DIMAT guys were able to defeat 4 other teams of NIT.

Finally at 7 pm, prize distribution ceremony started. Overall winners of Spardha were given trophies, certificate, gifts & gift cheques. Biz Quiz winners were given Medals, certificates, books, pen drives. Infact, Audience also walked off with lot of prizes like Good day Biscuits, Lifebuoy, Lux, Rin, Shampoo pouches, management compass n etc.

On this occasion, we launched a value addition product- C2 (the Competitive Club). C2 is an effort to encase the footfalls at the center to more about C2 please find the attachment .

Our team hopes that this brand building exercise will make us Numero Uno in the city of Raipur....
So the count down begins now ???

Monday, September 3, 2007


Dear All,

As discussed with you all after the seminar,I will be sending you some stuff which may help you to enhance your general awareness.This process will be known as "GYAANDHARA".

Give me a feedback regularly and suggest me about your requirements further.

This section will be having interesting articles,book review etc also. I go with the first mail which carries 10 questions along with their answers.

1.“Quality first, cost second” is used by which pen company as a punch line? (Add Gel)
2.“Think bright, not white” is used by which company? (Samsung)
3.“Bare necessities” is used by which dress company? (Colorplus)
4.Which courier company uses “We move the world”? (DHL)
5.Which of these car makes, advertised itself as “the ultimate driving machine”. (BMW)
6.Name the nationality of the founder of Bridgestone tires? (Japanese, Shojiro Ishibashi, whose name means “stone bridge”).
7.What brand of cigarette advertised in 1950 that more doctors smoked this brand than any other? It also advertised itself as “your choice for taste & mildness”. (Camel, there was a print ad that actually stated, “every doctor in private practice was asked. In 1934, Camel ads advised to “smoke as many as you want. They never get on your nerve”.
8.Name the president of India who was awarded Padma Bhusan, Padma Vibhusan and the Bharat Ratna also? (APJ Kalam)
9.What date is United Nation’s day? (24th October)
10.The first ‘celebrity’ share broker, his car collection and private luxuries had been the envy of the town i.e. till the ‘Stock Market’ scam of 1992 broke out. Amounts up to Rs 4,100 Crore were siphoned off. While almost all the accused are behind bars, the lead player has passed away. What was the name of this ‘prolific’ player, who is forever etched in the memory of the Indian investor as the quintessential bad boy? (Harshad Mehta)

In case you miss out,you can also visit the same at


Manas Nayak

Career Launcher India Ltd

Friday, August 24, 2007

Thursday, August 23, 2007

ORKUT wins MTV Youth Icon title-The Google Story

The social networking website that has had the youth in a frenzy for some time: Orkut! The site has won the title hands down though the Aamir-Khan-starrer Rang De Basanti came in a close second. But that’s not all.

The Google-run website has two other reasons to celebrate.

Not only did it beat other nominees this year including actor Abhishek Bachchan, Multimedia Cell Phones and YOU, the website has succeeded icons like cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni, superstar Shahrukh Khan, cricketer Rahul Dravid and industrialist Anil Ambani.

Recently the mumbai lad Adnan's murder was planned through Orkut and even people had questioned whether the website to be removed etc.

However,nobody can deny that it's role is instrumental in bringing back many of our school/college friends back to our life after so many years of isolation.Atleast it happened in my case.

There will be a group of people in the society who always will mis-use an entity.The best thing will be ignore them and the government shouldn't take any hasty decision of blacklisting it or banning it.We can not blame the technology for this,rather should blame the social milieu.

Google is at its zenith.May it be the Fortune top 50 Businessmen of the world list or MTV Youth Icon..everywhere..they are reigning....

So the Google story..still continues.."Success not a destination rather a journey for them".

Monday, August 13, 2007


Dear All,

What a BLUNDER is???

A serious mistake.

Now,Who is going to decide about the intensity of seriousness?

A simple mistake for me can be serious one for my friends.

Recently,I sent a wrong message to one of my friends through an sms.However I did send the same message to my beloved and before I send a similar message to a very good friend of mine,should have edited.But failed to do so.Next morning,when I saw the sent message,then realised about the blunder.Sent an message feeling sorry about the entire episode.However,it was too late and as a result of this..lost a well-wisher,friend,philosopher & guide.It had such an impact on my work,my mind,body and soul that I couldn't control myself.Struggling to sleep peacefully..which signifies my repentance for the same.Begged a lot for pardon,but my friend's verdict was not to be in touch in future.I respect this decision.May be I don't qualify to be a true friend.

Then I realised,my simple mistake in that SMS,hurt my friend a lot.Without any male intention,I sent an SMS which hurt someone's sentiments.

The person who had great respect for me till that date,is hating me the most.

Through out my life time,I ll carry a blot on my self-image and it will be hauling at me forever in my life.I can't do anything now...just will pray God everyday to bring back my friend into my life.Hope,God forgives me for this.

Few days before,I wrote a blog against Pratibha Patil having a blot and not being elgible to be the honourable president of India.If I follow the same logic,I too have a blot on my character here and I too do not have any right to live in this society. Thus I had decided not to comment upon any person's competencies or personality in future.

A person who had a blot on his own persona,can't decide about others.

Manas.....!!!!!You have to a pay a heavy price for this blunder.


Mr.Bay Leaf

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Day One at CL

Dear All,

30th July, I got into the Rajdhani Express at Bhubaneswar and touched the New Delhi station by 11.00am next day.Then my first lessons of "Enhance your Negotiation Skill" started.

The autowalla charging Rs.375/- to drop me at the Faridabad border from where I have to get into another auto to reach at the guest house at Charmwood Village.I spoke to Amit from the Delhi Head Office,who asked me to burgain further.After consulting some 4-5 autowallas,I was bugged.Amit suggested me not to settle with anything more than Rs.150/-.However after some 50 minutes,I settled at Rs.200/-.

Then from New Delhi to Faridabad Border journey by an auto started.The driver started playing some hindi sad songs by Lata Mangeskar.It was blowing at a 145-160 decibel.The auto with me and the driver was cynosure .Everyone looked at us and smiled/laughed loud.Meanwhile, I kept on requesting the driver to decrease the volume.But he was not ready to do so.People were making faces and enjoyed the fun out of it.

and the songs were........."gairon se karam..apno se sitam..oh jane wafa yeh bair naa kar.." .It sounded as if my IMS boss and colleagues singing for me....

followed by .......'na jao saiyaan...chudake baiyaan..kasam khuda ki main ro padungee...'..I felt my students,counselors,friends at IMS ...saying this to me...

There were many more was a nostalgic feeling for me..missed all my well wishers & critics forawhile.

then changed one more rickshaw and reached at the guest house..

It was a 3BHK flat.All other people who were staying there.....already went to office.

I met the care taker Rakesh.He had shown me the room allocated for me to put up.

As I was tired..went for a shower....then was ready to discover the place further.

In fact my current reporting boss Himanshuji told me that there will be one person from Hyderabad who ll join along with me in the networking department.So I tried gathering some info about him.Rakesh told me about some Satya and Srini staying there.

He prepared lunch for me and served it with lots of warmth.Enjoyed the food and then was flipping through the channels.Came across..Sanjubaba's verdict and then the Indian win over England.Was glued to the TV till evening.

Then Rakesh prepared my dinner and left for the day.

Unfortunately I forgot bring my pair of formal shoes in a hurry.Thus on first day,I wanted to manage the show with a new pair of shoes.

Now the search for a decent shoe mart started......after 95 minutes...I discovered a shoe mart in the small town Prahladpur nearby...

burgained again for a black semi-formal shoe(the best available there) and could negotiate at a price of Rs.675 whereas he quoted Rs.950/- at first.

when I came back from the market....I was being welcomed by a person with a french beard.I did introduce myself and informed him that I am joining at Bhubaneswar.HIS name was SATYA.

He offered me some fruits and enquired about my dinner arrangements.

I informed him that Rakesh already prepared food for me.

Then we got into a chat.

I asked,'Since How long are with CL???

HIS ANSWER :--since it started in 1995. long..great..

What's your job role here in this organisation?

He replied,"I am LST(Law School Training) teacher here.Also teaching MBA aspirants....

My next question was like..."Which part you do teach..PS/VA/LR/DI??

he answered... "VA & PS" both...


then he spoke to me about cricket and Sanjay Dutt verdict for some 10 minutes...

meanwhile his cellphone started ringing..he went to his room and was busy attending so many calls..

I was again glued to the TV and also had a talk with my parents also...

then the door bell rings agin..I thought it must be Srini who looks after the Hyderabad business...

opened the door and said,,, are Srini,right???

He also with a smiling face greeted me.....

then it was his turn..

same set of questions...

he answered ..I do too many things..sometimes times n there..

then changed the channels and got into Discovery,National Geographic,DD-Bharti etc.

there was a program about some Ramchandran,an artist and sculptor going on...

Srini knew him beforehand..thus started talking about him and his was learning for me..

then he was listening to some tamil voacl music which was foot-tapping.

I thought.."may be this person have some vast knowledge about classical music.

then he also gulped his dinner fast in some micro seconds...

He took his laptop into his room and was settling for a sleep.

I's time to sleep....thus went to bed..called up mother India and in my dreams in next 30 minutes...

woke up early by 5.30am in the morning and was excited about my joining at CL.But prefered to flip through some news channels early morning.

Meanwhile, Ritika,the HR lady gave me a call to report sharp by 9.15am at office.

Satya was ready by that time and came out of his room.Greeted me with "Good Morning".

Then Rakesh also came in.Enquired me about the dinner.I replied,'the food was tasty..."..

Satya with a plate of fruits came upto me and asked to have some.

I said,"You are ready for office..all dressed.."

He replies,'yah!!!you know..if I reach office late..CL ll deduct my salary...."

I knew he is joking and thus burst into laughter...

then I was enquiring about the distance from guest house and how much time..will it take to reach at Head Office.How much the auto ll be charging etc..

now here comes Srini sir......'MORNING YOUNG MAN.."

he was about to enter into the wash room ..then he says..'we ll be starting from here in next 15 be ready ASAP...and asked me to use the wash room and he prefered the other bathroom.

I had a quick ablution and dressed properly.....

by that time..Srini sir was in his favourate kurta... and passed me the breakfast plate.

I gulped in a hurry....then he said.."follow me.."

I went down and found him in his car...Satya sir also joined us......

then both of them started talking business..revenues..tie-ups for e-learning etc...

at times..used some tamil parlance...

then Satya asked me about my background...

I told him everything in detail chronologically..graduation..NGO..MBA...IMS..CM..RCM etc....also mentioned about 1000 days stay at IMS......etc...

in some 15 minutes..reached office.....he parked the car...

then he asked me about my reporting today..

I took Himanshu sir's name.

Then Srini sir showed me his cabin and asked me wait there.He was kind enough to bring the newspapers and told me to flip through...

after some 20 minutes..met Ritika..who asked me to go to the boardroom at the basement...

Introduce yourself and then follows the CL presentation...

Slide 1..2..3..

slide 4.....what's this???What the french beard LST instructor doing in the slide..a cartoon of Satya.....saying..'I am bugged with my monotonous job at Ranbaxy..and starting PDP program as first business....then gradually the story unfolds......

my facial expession changes......turning red faced....Satya!!!! God...the chairman of the organisation.....I just can't believe this..I am staying with the owner of the organisation..I was enquiring this visionary about his association with CL...oh....after a deep breath....realised..great people always distinguish themselves by their simplicity.....

one more lesson...Manas!!!This is what you need to be if you dream of being a CEO by April 2014.the character...the skeleton of a great leader required.....

now one more to go...Srini is one of the Directors whom I thought ll be my Tamil teacher during my stay of 15days at Delhi. do I face these two gentlemen when I go back to the guest house...

really...the day one was dramatic..a thriller..a pleasant surprise for me......

with such kind of people as the head of this organisation....I am more confident that "I am going to have some great time here..."...

let's hope and be mentally prepared for some more exciting moments and days to come...

that's all for this bulletin.


Manas Nayak
Mr.Bay Leaf

IMS Over,Career Launcher starts...

Dear All,

After some 1000 awesome days at IMS, I left to join another education training brand namely 'Career Launcher'.I joined as the Manager,Network and will be looking after the franchisee operations across Orissa & Chattisgarh.Looking out for your blessings and good wishes to live upro the expectations of the organisation in this assignment.


Manas Nayak
Mr.Bay Leaf

Monday, July 23, 2007

It's not history rather a blot on the history

Dear All,

It is a national shame for all Indians that a tainted woman like Prathibatai became the first woman president of the nation.The entire nation was skeptical about her and wanted not to have such a wrong precedence.However the UPA had numbers in their favour.They defied a common man's wish.The general mass of India can't choose their president,rather their so called representatives at lokshbha and Rajyasabha will decide the future of the nation.For them,their party high command's instructions are of prime importance.They are least bothered about the persona of the head of the nation.They are faithful to their party but not to their nation.

Now the same media who use to talk ill-will against Pratibha before the election started glorifying her through their channels.The token president will now start showing her loyalty to Sonia Gandhi insteadof being worried about the common man.

Had it been a poll where common men can select their president,the results would have been different.Now though NDA has come up with Najma Heptulha as their vice-presidential candidate who is much better than Mr.Hamid Ansari,the result will again go in UPA's favour.

Such kind of results will definitely force us to look into the disadvatages of a democratic system in India.

The UPA government definitely had created history but it's a blot on the history.

Warm Regards,

Manasa Nayak

Monday, July 9, 2007

What's the big deal..I am also an woman and also an Indian

Dear All,

Recently every news channel is busy having discussions on our future token president Pratibha tai.So it could able to generate some interest in me about the issue.I also started asking many of colleagues about their opinion about Pratibha Patil,especially female colleagues.One of them came out with a write-up which was just an eye opener for me.Her name is Suchona Patnaik.Here we go with her thoughts about this episode......

Suchona who is an Indian woman says ....

Owing to my poor general knowledge, I was completely unaware of this lady called Mrs.Pratibha Patil.It was only when she was chosen as UPA’s front-runner in the Presidential race, I got an inkling of her existence. My curiosity led me to delve deep into the life of this prospective ‘First Citizen’ of India.

A staunch Gandhi-family loyalist Pratibha started her political career right from her college days. She was an MP before she became the Health Minister of Maharashtra.In 2004 she became the first female Governor of Rajasthan. But apart from these glorious political stints, there are some unpleasant facts as well. The license of the Pratibha Mahila Sahakari Bank run by Pratibha was cancelled for flouting financial policies.

Sant muktabai sahakari sarkar karkhana, a co-operative sugar factory, of which she was the founder-president, was declared a defaulter for failing to repay a Rs17.5cr loan.

She is also accused of shielding her brother, who is involved in a murder case.
During her stint as an MP.she had diverted funds of MPLADS to support a trust run by her husband.

She also received flak, for advocating that people with hereditary diseases should be compulsorily sterilized. I firmly believe these are not the pre-requisites to be a leader of a nation.

I wonder on what ground her nomination has been termed as “a historic occasion on the 60th yr of India’s independence”. If this is only because she is a female, then what’s the big deal……… am I!

NOTE:-This write up is written by Suchona Patnaik.

She is a post-graduate in English from Utkal University working as a career counselor with an education consultancy organisation namely IMS Learning Resources Pvt.Ltd.

Sunday, July 8, 2007


1.He was the only Goan-born cricketer to play for India?In West Indies, he was popularly known as 'Sardee-man'. During his successful 1970-71 tour there, he was asked at the airport whether he had anything to declare. 'I have come here with runs', he replied, 'and I'll go back with more'.His son is the CEO of a very famous news channel and a very famous journalist.Identify this legendary cricketer?

Answer:-Dillip Sardesai

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Enhancing Learning Curve with 'It happened in India'

Do you know Gopi Kukde?

May be the anser will be "Neh..No".Who's this???

However if I ask, 'Do you know the Onida Devil?'Yes, I do.

'Do you know pan pasand?'Answer: will be yah.."Shadi aur tumse,kabhi nahin".

All these are brainchild and creation of Gopijee.A relatively unknown advertising legend who hardly comes in any of the glossy suppliments, is also a key contributor in success of Kishore Biyani's successful communication with the Indian mass.

His localised,indigeneous lines like "channe ke bhaw kajju","rue er dame iellish","stall ke bhaw balcony" imprinted the value proposition of 'Big Bazaar'during the launch of their outlets across India through hoardings.

His "ab asli paise bachaiye" campaign created a uproar among consumers in mumbai during a promotional campaign and activation.

Big Bazaar printed hundred rupees notes of exact size and behind it mentioned the address of nearby Big Bazaar with the tag line "ab asli paise bachaiye' in bold and it was distributed at VT in mumbai.It looked like an original note and people flocked to have a piece of it.At last,even the police arrested the salesman who was doing this promotion.Later he was released and was not charged of printing fake notes.

Due to KB,today I know about Gopi Kukde the great.Thanks.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Some Fav.Questions from Blonnet Quiz

1.OS is the IATA code of ...? Ans:- SpiceJet
2.Band-Aid is a Johnson & Johnson brand. Whose brand is the 'Back-aid' pain relieving cream? Ans:- Dabur
3.This pertains to a rumour about the original colour of the Coca-Cola drink. The company in its Web site has this clarification: "This is indeed just a rumour. Although the famous contour bottle is —, Coca-Cola has always been brown in colour, sinc e its start in 1886." What's the contour bottle's colour? Ans:- Green
4."In an — World." It's an incomplete campaign line. What vodka brand name could complete it? Ans:-Absolut
5.In 1989, he spent nearly $7 million of his company's funds on a corporate jet and named it 'The Indefensible.' Reason: He himself had earlier been critical of such purchases by corporate chiefs. Who's he? Ans:-Warren Buffet
6.Sara Forden's book with the base line 'A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamour, and Greed' is about which fashion house? Ans:-Gucci

Save Endangered Heritages of India

The World Monument Watch has come out with a list of the 100 most endangered heritage sites in the world which includes five Indian sites.

The Indian sites are Srinagar Heritage Zone (J&K), Leh Old Town (J&K), Amber (Rajasthan), Jantar Mantar (Jaipur, Rajasthan) and Chettinad (Chennai, Tamil Nadu).

All the Indian sites are threatened by development pressures, environmental changes, demolition, and vandalism.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Rice snubbed 'flirt' Pak PM, Senate slams him

  • The Pakistan Senate has moved a motion to summon Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz over allegations that he tried to “charm” US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice during talks.
  • Twice as Good: Condoleezza Rice and her Path to Power, a new biography of the American leader, claims Aziz tried his "seductive baritone on Rice during her first visit to Pakistan in March 2005.
  • News agency DPA reports Marcus Mabry, a senior Newsweek journalist and author of the biography, writes that Aziz "tried his Saville Row-suited gigolo kind of charm” on Rice but ended up “babbling” and embarrassed.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


AC Milan:-

  • The club was founded as a cricket club in 1899 by Alfred Edwards, a British expatriate.

  • The club is nick named as Rossoneri (Red-Blacks) & Diavolo (The Devil).

  • AC Milan recently won UEFA Champions League-07 beating Liverpool in the final.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


  1. Hyderabad blast linked to HUJI (Harkat-ul-Jehadi Islam).

  2. FIR filed against Dera Sacha Sauda chief by Punjab government.

  3. Pakistan Tourism Minister Nilofar Bakhtiar resigned after not getting any support from her party against the mullahs.

  4. Two Indians abducted in Nigeria.

Friday, May 18, 2007


  1. Wolfowitz to step down as world bank chief on 3oth june.

  2. Punjab simmer as the clash between Dera Sacha and Sikh continues.

  3. Bajaj auto to split.2 new companies to be floated.

  4. Sevilla becomes the first team after Real Madrid to retain UEFA cup football.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


  1. A.B.Vajpayee not interested for presidential post and backs Bhairo Singh Sekhawat as NDA's candidate.
  2. Vijay Mallya's UB group has acquired Scottish distiller Whyte and Mackay for an enterprise value of 595 million pounds.
  3. Nicolas Sarkozy took over as president from Jacques Chirac in France.
  4. Britain has now decided that the Prince Harry will not be sent to the frontline.
  5. Europe's biggest film festival, the Cannes film festival opens on May 16, 2007.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


  1. Young India author Rana Dasgupta has been short-listed for Britain's National Short Story Prize, which is considered world's biggest award for a single short story.His first novel, Tokyo Cancelled, was published in 2005.

  2. 4 handsets were seized from controversial RJD MP Md Shahbuddin in jail raid.

  3. Jet to raise funds for JetLite.

  4. Mahindra surrender NFL title to Dempo.

  5. Private equity firm Cerberus bags chrysler group.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Forhans-'yeh jhaagwalaa hai?'

  • It was the non-foaming fluoride brand was known as "toothpaste created by a dentist" in the 1960s.
  • Earlier owned by Geoffrey Manners,the brand's advertisement was very popular.Forhans-'yeh jhaagwalaa hai?'
  • The brand did well in the 1970s and moved into Wyeth stable,Where the two companies merged in July 2002.However,the toothpaste did not fit into the core business of the pharma company and was sold to a little known company,John Oak Remedies,in 2005.
  • Mumbai based Anchor group has acquired Forhans and ready to relaunch it.

Daily Headlines,15/05/07

  1. The 2006 Civil Services Examination results were declared on Monday and Mutyalaraju Revu, an OBC candidate from Andhra Pradesh has topped the exam.

  2. The Comptroller and Auditor General blames the Income Tax department for taxing Sachin Tendulkar and Sunil Gavaskar less and incorrectly.

  3. Kapil Dev to head Subash Chandra's Indian Cricket League executive board.

  4. Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam leader A Raja will take over as the communications and information technology minister.

  5. Harjit Gill, a hockey player and former resident of Jalandhar, has been elected as the first Asian mayor of Gloucester.

  6. Wharton school names auditorium after Dhirubhai Ambani.

  7. Mumbai based Anchor group has acquired Forhans and ready to launch it.

Hi...sorry for the unwanted break

Dear All,

I met an accident on 30th April and had serious injuries.My left hand little finger underwent a plastic surgery and right leg also a minor surgery.Now gradually recovering.Another surgery will be followed on 1st June,07 to remove the k-wire from my hand.Thereafter 3months physiotherapy,and I am back to my normalcy.Thanks for all good wishes and blessings that saved my life in this fatal accident.Three people died on spot.Anyway,the daily headlines will be on time,today onwards.


Manas Nayak

Friday, April 27, 2007


  1. IIM admissions get Govt. green signal.
  2. India's economy is now worth $1 Trillion.
  3. "Order CBI probe into Gujrat killings",Centre urges apex court.
  4. Court issues warrant against Shilpa Shetty and Richard Gere.
  5. Indian steel tycoon,Lakshmi Mittal acquires Kazakh firm for $980 mn.
  6. 3 LET terrorists arrested in Delhi.
  7. Bachchan's Tirupati visit to be probed.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Know our Constitution

Dear All,

This is a special contribution from my intellectual partner Sanjay Mohanty.To know more about him log on to .He also is a quiz master and a career consultant.This is going to be helpful for school students.

  1. The longest written constitution of any independent nation in the world,belong to which nation?(Answer:-India)
  2. What are the first words of the preamble of Indian constitution?( Answer:- "We, the people" - It signifies that power is ultimately vested in the hands of the people of India.)
  3. How many schedules are there in Indian constitution?(Answer:- 12)
  4. Schedules can be added to the constitution by amendment. True or False.(Answer:-True)
  5. How many articles are there in Indian constitution?(Answer:-404 )
  6. What are the number of fundamental rights and fundamental duties in the constitution?(Answer:-Six and Ten respectively)
  7. By which ammendment, the right to property was deleted from the fundamental rights list of the constitution?(Answer:-44th ammendment)
  8. The words "liberty","equality" and "fraternity" were the inspiration of which historical event?(Answer:-French Revolution)
  9. Which ammendment added the words "Socialist","secular","democratic","republic" words in the Indian constitution?(Answer:-42nd ammendment)
  10. Which ammendment is called "the mini constitution"?(Answer:-42nd ammendment)
  11. When was the Indian constitution adopted?(Answer:-26th Nov,1949)
  12. When was the Indian constitution enforced?(Answer:-26th Jan,1950)
  13. Who was the chairman of the drafting committee of the Indian constitution?(Answer:-Dr.B.R.Ambedkar)
  14. Emergency Provision u/a 356 of Indian constitution is adapted from which constitution?(Answer:-Weimar constitution,Germany)

Warm regards,

Manas Nayak

Know this president

1.He was the first popularly elected president in Russian history.He was endorser of "Shock Therapy" program to transform communist economy to a capitalist economy.Identify the person?

Answer:- Boris Yeltsin, he was president of Russian Federation during the period of 1991-99.Died on 23rd April,2007 at age 76.


  1. RBI eases home loan interest.

  2. No disclosures of exam script under RTI:CIC

  3. Emami's bio-diesel unit to be set up in Haldia.

  4. Vedanta acquires 71% stake in Sesa Goa.

  5. SL enters world cup final for second time.

  6. decide on IIM's admission.

  7. Afzal case:Prez waiting for opinion of legislative wing.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Dear All,

Recently I was going through this book "BREAK FREE" by Debashis Chatterjee,the famous Organisational Behaviour professor at IIM-L.This is a must for any management student,business managers and management thinkers.The preface on Manjunath who lost his life fighting against the oil mafias brought tears into my eyes.

The first chapter talks about how the author learnt about leadership from a kolkata slum girl.Moral:-'Leaders liberate themselves and others from suffering'.

The statement of Edmund Hillary is used to explain the DNA of leadership lucidly.It goes like this,'Mount Everest has a real problem.It can't grow anymore,whereas I can'.This is what leadership is all about.True leaders exercise the choice to grow beyond the fear and hopelessness of their circumstances.

The second chapter talks about dating yourself and how original ideas paves your way to success.Third emphasing on 'a desire for success is not about making a career but about making a difference in the social arena'.

The fourth chapter is my favourate.It talks about how the sprit of team members can be rekindled at workplace/organisations as a whole."First simplify rules,Second amplify ownership and the third,multiply leaders to fill every role".

The fifth one talks about Chatterjee's three pronged formula of "Form,Focus and Flow".Each chapter encompasses each and every aspect of thought leadership,change management with examples which are personal,regional,national and global.

The Sanak Mishra case study about Rourkela Steel Plant is unique and a must read.Overall, a great book that I come across in recent times on leadership.

Definitely the knowledge acquired is enormous,enriching and gave an upthrust to my learning curve.

Warm regards,
Manas Nayak
Mr.Bay Leaf

Monday, April 23, 2007

The Great American Massacre or The massacre of the April month


  1. 'Invent the future' is the tag line used by this university.Their students say that "We are the Hokies,We will prevail".Identify the University?

  2. He hailed from Karatadipalayam of Gobichettipalayam Taluk in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.He was an alumnus of PSG College of Technology ,Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur and Purdue University.A professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering recently lost his life in a tragic shoot out in his university?Identify the person?

  3. Identify the female in the picture?She had obtained an undergraduate degree from the Rizvi School of Architecture in her home state of Mumbai, India, and was pursuing a masters degree in architecture at Virginia Tech.
  4. "On the first day of a British literature class last year,students went around and introduced themselves.When it was his turn,he didn't speak.On the sign-in sheet where everyone else had written their names,this person had written a question mark".In his hate letter he mentioned that"you caused me to do this".He was a quiet,sullen,loner but he was responsible for a recent bloodbath at Virginia tech Univ.Who is he?He was born in which nation?


  1. Virginia University
  2. G V Loganathan
  3. Minal Panchal
  4. Cho Seung-hui.He killed 32 people in Virginia tech university recently on 16th April,2007.He was born in South-Korea.



· This country refuses to fully pay its debts to the United Nations yet reserves its right to veto United Nations resolutions?

· This is the only G7 country to have voted against the creation of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in 1998?

· This is the only Western country which allows the death penalty to be applied to children?

· ---------------------Answer:-United States Of America-------------------------------------

· 8 out of the 10 golds that India secured at the 15th Asian Games, Doha, 2006 work for this organisation.

· This company has featured in the 2006 list of Fortune Global 500 companies at position 402.

· It contributes 77% of India's crude oil production and 81 % of India's natural gas production. It is the highest profit making corporation in India.

· ----------------------- Answer:-ONGC----------------------------------------------------

· Rated among the World's Best Big Companies, Asia's 'Fab 50' and the World's Most Reputable Companies by Forbes magazine, among India's Most Respected Companies by BusinessWorld and among India's Most Valuable Companies by Business Today, it ranks third in pre-tax profit among India's private sector corporations.

· Mangaldeep, Aim, VAX Lit wax matches, Expressions greeting card belong to this Indian company.

· Y C Deveswar is the chairman of this company.Well known for its E-Chaupal project.

· ----------------------------------Answer:-ITC--------------------------------------------

· A Harvard graduate politician who is an MP from Sivaganga constitution of Tamilnadu.

· He is also an eminent lawyer.He represented the bankrupt American energy gaint Enron, as a senior lawyer in India, and is again set to revive its Dhabol power project.
· Together with present Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Deputy Chairman of India’s Planning Commission, Montek Singh Ahluwalia is a part of what the Indian financial press calls India’s economic ‘dream team’.



One of the most controversial business deals ever- the acquisition of Arcelor Steel by Mittal Steel led to the creation of Arcelor-Mittal, the largest steel maker in the world.

1. Background (before the deal)
Mittal Steel- the largest producer of steel in terms of volume. Despite the fact that Mittal steel is based in Netherlands, it is perceived that the company is non-European because its CEO Lakshmi Mittal is Indian.

Arcelor- Headquartered in Luxembourg, the merger of three steel companies- Aceralia, Arbed and Usinor led to the creation of Arcelor. In 2005, Arcelor had revenues of 32 billion Euros.

2. The original bid
In January 2006, Mittal Steel launched a $22.7 billion offer to Arcelor’s shareholders. The deal was split between Mittal Shares (75 percent) and cash (25 percent). Under the offer, Arcelor shareholders would have received 4 Mittal Steel shares and 35 euros for every 5 Arcelor shares they held. (Ultimately the power to buy or sell the shares rests with the shareholder and the company management can at best advice its shareholders whether to accept or reject the bid)

3. Consolidation in the steel industry- inevitable:
The steel industry is highly fragmented, the top 5 manufacturers in the steel industry account for less than 25 percent of the market (to put that in perspective, the corresponding figure for the automotive industry is 73 percent). LN Mittal believes that the consolidation will end with three of four major companies dominating the industry around 2010.

Bigger steel manufacturers have better bargaining powers against customers (such as as auto manufacturers) and against suppliers (iron ore).

Consolidation helps in comapnies improving their sourcing of raw materials; access to more markets, better utilization, more flexibility in production scheduling and better efficiency.

4. The Controversy
Arcelor Management: The management believed that Arcelor itself would have been doing the acquisitions and not the other way around. The management was extremely hostile to Mittal Steel’s bid from the beginning. Arcelor repeatedly played the patriotic card in order for shareholders to reject the bid. The CEO of Arcelor dismissed Mittal Steel as a “company of Indians” and unworthy of taking over a European company. (all this despite the fact that most industry analysts and investment banks pointing out that the deal was in Arcelor‘s best interests)

European Governments:
The French government (despite not being a shareholder) was against the deal because of worries over its 28000 Arcelor employees. Despite repeated assurances from Mittal that the deal would not lead to layoffs the government of France was never convinced. The government of Luxembourg (a stakeholder) was against the deal as well for a variety of reasons. The European Union approved of the Mittal-Arcelor deal.

5. Moves by Arcelor to counter the bid by Mittal:
Declaration of Dividend: On February 16, Arcelor declared a dividend of 1.2 Euros, which was 85 percent higher than the previous dividend in 2004. This was seen as an attempt by the company to convince shareholders that the situation under the current management was extremely positive. Many analysts accused the company of “creative” accounting.

The Russian Angle: In an attempt to thwart the offer from Mittal Steel, Arcelor released a 13 billion Euro merger plan with Severstal, a Russian company. This merger would have made the new Severstal-Arcelor entity too big for Mittal Steel to buy. Despite the merger plan being fraught with loopholes, the Arcelor management tried to convince shareholders that this was the best deal for them. The shareholders however rejected the merger with not one shareholder voting in favour of the merger.

6. Role of Guy Dolle (then CEO of Arcelor)
Mr. Dolle’s reaction to the Mittal bid led to widespread criticism of his actions. Analysts believe that Guy Dolle had issues with the personality of LN Mittal.
As the controversy panned out, Dolle raised several issues including the management of Mittal (Aditya Mittal, son of LN Mittal is on the board). Dolle also raised a number of issues about the safety record of Mittal and also repeatedly pointed out that Arcelor was absolute key to Europe’s economic health.
Guy Dolle is not a part of the new Arcelor-Mittal organization.

7)The stance of the Indian Government

Most Indians were of the opinion that the deal was not getting pushed through because of Lakshmi Mittal’s nationality.

The Indian government raised the issue at several forums especially through commerce minister Kamal Nath. It was also alleged that India had threatened not to ratify a taxation accord with Luxembourg due to the latter’s opposition to the deal.

The irony is that LN Mittal himself felt that there was no case of “racism” here as Mittal Steel was a European company and NOT an Indian one.

8. End Result
The deal was finally clinched when the shareholders of Arcelor agreed to Mittal Steel’s offer ending the transaction that had dragged on for months.
Mittal had to however considerably sweeten the initial offer. Under severe pressure to counteract the Arcelor- Severstal merger, Mittal had to raise its valuation of Arcelor to $32.9 billion. The Mittal family holds 43 percent of the combined group. The combined company holds 10 percent of the global market for steel. The consolidation phase is well and truly underway .


Manas Nayak


Singur issue
1. The protests in West Bengal against the Government's decision to acquire farmland for the Tata Motors small car factory should be seen in a broader perspective and not in isolation. In Bangalore, the phenomenal growth of the IT sector, real estate boom, the setting up of international airport, etc., have led to thousands of farmers selling their land to make quick gains. The land where farmers grew mango, grapes, tomatoes, greens, and foodgrains such as ragi has become a residential or commercial site. The city's thick green cover has given way to a concrete jungle. It is time all right thinking people helped in ending the menace of using agricultural land for non-agricultural purposes. Otherwise, soon we will be exporting software solutions and importing foodgrains.

2. The Singur issue has come at a time when West Bengal is struggling hard to overcome the image of an investor-unfriendly State mired in labour problems. It bagged the dream project after competing with other States. Apart from providing jobs directly and indirectly to many, the project will contribute to the exchequer. The Trinamool Congress is opposing it only to gain political mileage.

3. All parties have the same policy on Special Economic Zones. While at the Centre, the CPI (M) is opposing SEZs, in West Bengal it is seeking to implement the concept in Singur. The Trinamool Congress is opposed to the project with the BJP, which has always supported SEZs, and the Congress, which is for more and more SEZs, supporting it. It is clear that it is not policy but politics that matters.

Forbes Billionaire List-The top 40 Indians

Dear All,

Just putting the recent Forbes Billionaire List-The top 40 Indians who are listed in it.

1 Lakshmi Mittal
Age: 55Net Worth: $ 20.0 billionHometown: LondonMarried, 2 Children
Oversees world's largest steel company, $22 billion (2004 sales) Mittal Steel. His personal stake: 87.4%. Double-digit drop in U.S. and European steel prices led to 64% fall in third-quarter profits; for past 9 months down only 13%. Recently bought Ukraine's largest steelmaker in a televised auction.

2 Azim Premji

Age: 60Net Worth: $ 11.0 billionHometown: BangaloreMarried, 2 Children
Owns 82% of New York-listed Wipro, India's third-largest software exporter. Lost a few key executives this year, including vice chairman Vivek Paul.

3 Mukesh Ambani
Age: 48Net Worth: $ 7.0 billionHometown: MumbaiMarried, 3 Children
Feud with brother Anil ended this June after their mother brokered a settlement, which is awaiting court approval. Mukesh will maintain control of $16 billion (sales) Reliance Industries, the petrochemicals major whose stock is up more than 40% since the announcement.

4 Anil Ambani
Age: 46Net Worth: $ 5.5 billionHometown: MumbaiMarried, 2 Children
After split with brother, Anil now runs newly christened Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Enterprises group, offshoot of Reliance empire, with interests in telecom, energy and financial services. Has been making high-profile acquisitions, mainly in entertainment and insurance.

5 Kushal Pal Singh
Age: 74Net Worth: $ 5.0 billionHometown: DelhiMarried, 3 Children
Former army officer turned property baron. Joined father-in-law's Delhi Land & Finance in 1971. Built Gurgaon, his showpiece township on outskirts of Delhi, by acquiring chunks of land from farmers. Today DLF group, run by son Rajiv, with daughter Pia overseeing retail projects, is India's biggest real estate developer.

6 Sunil Mittal
Age: 48
Net Worth: $ 4.9 billionHometown: DelhiMarried, 3 Children
In 10 years built his Bharti group into India's largest mobile phone operator, with 14 million customers. Vodafone bought a 10% stake in Bharti Televenture, his joint venture with Singtel, for $1.5 billion in October. Now partnering with Axa in a new insurance venture.

7 Kumar Birla
Age: 38Net Worth: $ 4.4 billionHometown: MumbaiMarried, 3 Children
Fourth-generation head of $7.6 billion (sales) Aditya Birla group, a commodities powerhouse named after his late father. Announced merger of his fertilizer, finance and textile companies to create Aditya Birla Nuvo.

8 Tulsi Tanti
Age: 47Net Worth: $ 3.7 billionHometown: PuneMarried, 2 Children
Faced with escalating power costs, this former textile producer moved into wind energy a decade ago, eventually building Asia's largest wind farm. In October listed his Suzlon Energy, in which he and 3 siblings own 70%. Expanding into the U.S., China and Australia.

9 Pallonji Mistry
Age: 76Net Worth: $ 3.3 billionHometown: MumbaiMarried, 4 Children
Secretive construction magnate is biggest shareholder in Tata Sons, a holding company that has a big stake in India's largest software company, Tata Consultancy Services. Also owns direct selling outfit Eureka Forbes, the subject of a Harvard case study.

10 Anurag Dikshit
Age: NANet Worth: $ 3.1 billionHometown: NA
Owns 30.4% of Internet casino company PartyGaming, which went public in London in June. Earned degree in computer science and engineering from Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi. In 1998, at age 25, began working with the then 1-year-old company. Eventually wrote the betting software that enabled gamblers around the world to play one another in poker. Today manages the Gibraltar company's operations.

11 Shiv Nadar
Age: 60Net Worth: $ 3.0 billionHometown: DelhiMarried, One Child
Founded and runs $2.5 billion (sales) infotech group HCL, with operations in 15 countries. A leading employer in Northern Ireland, where it has an offshore center with 2,500 people. Customers include Boeing, IBM and Autodesk; has new venture with Japan's NEC.

12 Shashi & Ravi Ruia

Age: 62Net Worth: $ 2.7 billionHometown: MumbaiMarried, 2 Children
Benefiting from India's economic boom, the brothers' Essar group is paying off debt and looking to expand its main businesses in steel, shipping, power and oil & gas. Bets in telecom have paid off handsomely; their 33% stake in mobile company Hutchison Essar, which plans to list, is worth at least $2 billion.

13 Adi Godrej
Age: 63Net Worth: $ 2.3 billionHometown: MumbaiMarried, 3 Children
His $1.3 billion (sales) Godrej group makes consumer products, including soaps, hair dyes, cooking oil and office furniture. Recently bought a British toiletries and cosmetics brand and UAE poultry company. Family's biggest asset is its landholdings in Mumbai.

14 Anil Agarwal

Age: 52Net Worth: $ 2.1 billionHometown: LondonMarried, 2 Children
Built London-listed Vedanta Resources by acquiring state-owned mining, metal assets in India. Has copper mines in Zambia and Australia. In a top management reshuffle, Agarwal moved to executive chairman; his brother became deputy executive chairman.

15 Dilip Shanghvi

Age: 50Net Worth: $ 2.0 billionHometown: MumbaiMarried, 2 Children
Low-profile Shanghvi derives fortune from 72% stake in Sun Pharmaceuticals, a company he founded in 1983. Expanded Sun in part through acquisitions. Recently purchased manufacturing sites in Hungary and the U.S. in order to tap overseas generics markets.

16 Naresh Goyal
Age: 56Net Worth: $ 1.9 billionHometown: MumbaiMarried, 2 Children
Former airline agent started operating Jet Airways in 1993. Now India's biggest domestic airline, Jet successfully went public this year; launched international flights to London, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur; and placed a $2.5 billion order for 30 new planes. Wife, Anita, heads sales and marketing.

17 Indu Jain
Age: NANet Worth: $ 1.7 billionHometown: Delhi
Matriarch of privately owned Bennett, Coleman & Co., India's largest and most powerful media house, run by sons Samir and Vineet. The family's flagship holding, The Times of India, is the world's largest circulated English daily newspaper, selling more than 3.1 million copies a day. The company also has joint ventures with the BBC and Reuters.

18 Venugopal Dhoot
Age: 52Net Worth: $ 1.6 billionHometown: MumbaiMarried, 2 Children
Son of a wealthy farmer, snatched one of India's first licenses to make color TVs. Videocon, the $2.5 billion (sales) group that he and his family control, now makes everything from washing machines to VCRs to MP3 players. Recently bought a color picture tube business from France's Thomson and a refrigerator unit from Sweden's Electrolux. Also has lucrative interests in oil exploration. Brother Rajkumar is a member of Parliament.

19 Malvinder & Shivinder Singh
Age: NANet Worth: $ 1.6 billionHometown: Delhi
Brothers inherited family's Ranbaxy Laboratories, now a $1.2 billion (sales) pharmaceutical firm. Company's profits and stock have taken a hit this year, but brothers' private holdings are up. Malvinder is president of Ranbaxy's pharma business. Younger sibling Shivinder runs Fortis, the family's hospital chain, which bought one of India's leading cardiac institutes.

20 Rahul Bajaj
Age: 67Net Worth: $ 1.5 billionHometown: PuneMarried, 2 Children
After years of bickering with younger brother Shishir, agreed to split up family fortune. Rahul will keep control of $1.4 billion (sales) Bajaj Auto, which he ran for almost 4 decades; its stock doubled in the past year. Sons Rajiv and Sanjiv now manage daily operations.

21 Jindal family
Age: NANet Worth: $ 1.4 billionHometown: Delhi, Mumbai
Family patriarch, Om Prakash Jindal, died in a helicopter crash in March. Sons Prithvi, Sajjan, Ratan and Navin are now restructuring and divvying up the tangled steel-and-power empire their father founded. This separation, agreed upon during their father's lifetime, seems amicable.

22 Baba Kalyani
Age: 56Net Worth: $ 1.2 billionHometown: PuneMarried, One Child
MIT engineer heads family's $1.5 billion (sales) Kalyani group. In addition to a stake worth $630 million in Bharat Forge, Asia's largest forging manufacturer, the family's holdings include stakes in BF Utilities—the financial services and windmill divisions that were spun off from Bharat Forge—Kalyani Steels and Automotive Axles.

23 Brijmohan Lall Munjal
Age: 83Net Worth: $ 1.2 billionHometown: DelhiMarried, 4 Children
Started out making bicycle parts. Now his Hero group, run by his 3 sons, has a 50% share of India's motorcycle market and continues to benefit from a long-standing partnership with Honda in India; Hero Honda's stock zoomed 86% in the past year.

24 Yusuf Hamied
Age: 69Net Worth: $ 1.2 billionHometown: MumbaiMarried
With brother, runs generics producer Cipla, whose stock is up more than 50% since last year. Edged out GlaxoSmithkline as India's largest pharmaceutical firm. Hamied was awarded the Padma Bhushan, one of India's highest civilian honors.

25 Vivek Burman
Age: 64Net Worth: $ 1.1 billionHometown: DelhiMarried, 2 Children
With his family, owns 77% of Dabur, a maker of herbal products whose stock has nearly doubled this year. Family also has interests in pharma, insurance, banking and financial services. Recently bought stake in a tractor company.

26 N R Narayana Murthy
Age: 59 Net Worth: $ 1.1 billionHometown: BangaloreMarried, 2 Children
One of India's most respected business leaders, Murthy cofounded and chairs software firm Infosys Technologies. He is an IT adviser to several Asian countries. Stung by a former prime minister's unsubstantiated allegations of land-grabbing by Infosys, Murthy recently resigned from honorary post as chairman of state-owned Bangalore International Airport.

27 Uday Kotak
Age: 46Net Worth: $ 1.0 billionHometown: MumbaiMarried, 2 Children
Spurned his family's trading business for financial services. Today his Kotak Mahindra Bank serves 1.5 million customers and has offices in New York, London, Dubai and Mauritius. Has partnerships with Goldman Sachs and Old Mutual. A personal investment in cellular operator Hutchison Essar has soared lately.

28 Vijay Mallya
Age: 49Net Worth: $ 950 millionHometown: BangaloreMarried, 2 Children
Liquor tycoon who is dubbed the "king of good times" has never had it so good. After 20-year wait bought out archrival Shaw Wallace. Also bagged Scottish & Newcastle as a partner in beer. Consolidating liquor empire into newly named United Spirits. Plans to take his Kingfisher Airlines, launched in May and named after his bestselling beer, public.

29 Subhash Chandra
Age: 55Net Worth: $ 900 millionHometown: MumbaiMarried, 2 Children
Pioneering media baron is credited with launching India's satellite television revolution. But his Zee TV has lost its prime-time domination to competitors like Sony and Star. Recently launched Daily News & Analysis, a newspaper in Mumbai. Other holdings in theme parks, packaging, lotteries and cinema multiplexes.

30 Vikrant Bhargava
Age: 33Net Worth: $ 870 millionHometown: NA
Former credit officer owns 8.6% of Gibraltar-based Internet casino outfit PartyGaming, which went public in London in June. Earned degree in electrical engineering from Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi. Joined gaming group in 2000 as marketing head and helped create early buzz by staging online poker tournament with a $1 million prize.

31 Habil Khorakiwala
Age: 63Net Worth: $ 800 millionHometown: MumbaiMarried, 3 Children
Runs pharmaceutical firm Wockhardt, which gets more than half of its $288 million in sales from the U.S. and Europe. Has new ventures in Mexico, South Africa and Brazil. Owns a hospital chain.

32 Ajay Piramal
Age: 50Net Worth: $ 765 millionHometown: MumbaiMarried, 2 Children
Inherited fading textile empire at age 28. Built pharma group Nicholas Piramal through well-timed acquisitions. Teaming with Sweden's AstraZeneca in contract manufacturing. Turned over family's smaller businesses in retailing, textiles and real estate to sister-in-law and nephews this year, amid speculation of an acrimonious family split.

33 Nandan Nilekani
Age: 50Net Worth: $ 740 millionHometown: BangaloreMarried, 2 Children
Infosys cofounder and chief executive. His family donated $22 million this year to a charity founded by his wife that focuses on water issues, such as purification, rainwater harvesting and getting supplies to the poor.

34 Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
Age: 52Net Worth: $ 710 millionHometown: BangaloreMarried
Started out making industrial enzymes in her garage. Today she is chairman of biopharmaceutical firm Biocon; currently developing a nasal insulin spray and cancer drugs with American and Cuban partners. Owns 65% of the company with her Scottish husband and Biocon's vice chairman, John Shaw.

35 S Gopalakrishnan
Age: 51Net Worth: $ 700 millionHometown: BangaloreMarried, One Child
Infosys cofounder and chief operating officer. Big donor to his alma mater, the Indian Institute of Technology in Chennai.

36 B Ramalinga Raju
Age: 50Net Worth: $ 670 millionHometown: HyderabadMarried, 2 Children
Expanded out of family construction business in 1987 to start Satyam Computer, which he runs. Bought U.K. consulting firm Citisoft for $35 million earlier this year, then sold his Nasdaq-listed Internet venture Sify to a Silicon Valley venture capitalist for $63 million.

37 Narendra Patni
Age: 63Net Worth: $ 650 millionHometown: Boston, MumbaiMarried, 2 Children
Founded Patni Computer Systems with his two brothers in 1978. Known as the place where Infosys cofounders began their careers. The company went public last year and just listed on the NYSE.

38 Karsanbhai Patel
Age: 61Net Worth: $ 640 millionHometown: AhmedabadMarried, 3 Children
India's detergent king; his Nirma brand is India's biggest, ahead of Unilever and P&G. It has used same radio spot to promote Nirma for 35 years. Acquired a money losing medical supplies company.

39 Jaiprakash Gaur
Age: 75Net Worth: $ 600 millionHometown: Delhi Married, 5 Children
Patriarch of Jaypee group, a construction and power conglomerate. Now building an expressway from Delhi to Agra, site of the famous Taj Mahal. Other businesses include hotels, golf courses, cement.

40 Narotam Sekhsaria
Age: 56Net Worth: $ 590 millionHometown: Mumbai Married, 2 Children
With his brother-in-law, founded and controls cement producer Gujarat Ambuja. Swiss cement giant Holcim recently paid $800 million to acquire stakes in 2 affiliated companies of Ambuja.

Warm regards,

Manas Nayak


1. Which Indian FMCG company has adapted a strategy called Total Football Management this year?

(MARICO),When Johan Cruyff led the Dutch team to the runner-up position in the 1974 FIFA World Cup, he was often found in unexpected places. Officially he played center forward, but in the middle of a game he would suddenly switch roles. He would move to the defense while somebody else took his position. It was a system called Total Football, which required the whole team to have multiple skills. Succeeding at Total Football calls for versatility that is rarely available to most teams, but Cruyff was in a class by him self. In the 1974 World Cup, he was voted player of the tournament.
2. What is the term used when an individual is replaced by an electronic device (video camera, PC or robot) because he can't be physically present at a meeting? It was coined by Sun Microsystems?

3. A multinational company plans to introduce the world's most expensive designer shoes that will cost up to Rs.60k a pair. This range of shoes introduced in November last year is branded after a non-vegetarian’s delight and currently has an MRP of 20k a pair. Name the company and the collection?

(Reebok India, Fish Fry collection designed by Manish Arora)
4. This person worked as a research director at a future’s and options trading house in Chicago. He was nominated for the best beard awards in UK.The impact of his creation in the internet era were such that Time magazine listed him among the 100 most influential people in the world. Identify him.

(Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia.He also runs a charitable organization called Wikimedia foundation)
5. This world famous handcrafted suit goes through 185 steps before it is ready for sale. It gets its name from the Croatian island,famous as a golf and polo gateways frequented by aristrocrats in the 1920’s and 1930’s.It dressed the actor who took over as the fifth James Bond too. Name it.

6. Which was the first company to launch “chota packs” targeted at the urban lower middle class and the rural middle class.

7. Name the first retail company to be listed on the BSE.At one point of time, Bal Gangadhar Tilak was also on this company’s board?

(The Bombay store)It was established as Bombay swadeshi co-operative stores Ltd in 1905.It was listed on the BSE in 1963.In 1995,it got its present name.
8. Which bank incorporated in 1907 in India was first known as “The Bank”. It was renamed after being nationalized in 1969.

(The Chennai based Indian Bank)
9. What was the name of the world’s first in-flight magazine?Also name the airline that launched it.

(Clipper Magazine, introduced by Pan-Am Airlines)
10. Which company is picking athletes from 12 countries, including India, to be its brand ambassadors for the 2008 Olympic Games? The selection criteria will ensure that the athletes are tech savvy?

(Lenovo.The selection criteria will include the athlete’s interest in technology and how his or her training permits the use of technology.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

"The New Sunday Express"-"Literary Quiz"

Dear All,

Please find the "The New Sunday Express"-"Literary Quiz" questions and their answers dated 22nd April,2007.

  1. Which novel by Kurt Vonnegut was influenced by the bombing of Dresden during WW-2?
  2. Which author wrote a series of novels set in Italy and featuring the detective Aurelio Zen?
  3. Whose much-awaited history of contemporary India, India After Gandhi,will be released next month?
  4. Which bestselling author is continuing the Bourne series originally created by Robert Ludlum?
  5. Whose first published work was the poem Venus and Adonis?


  1. Slaughter House-Five
  2. Michael Dibdin
  3. Ramachandra Guha
  4. Eric Vad Lustbater
  5. Shakespeare

Warm regards,

Manas Nayak

Friday, April 13, 2007


  1. Agni-III test fired successfully.

  2. Bhubaneswar turns 59.

  3. Polling for second phase begins in UP.

  4. IIMs admissions defered till 21st April.

  5. Chattisgarh bans CPI(Maoist) and five nauxlite groups.

  6. Sonia's public rally at porbandar halts,security steped out.

  7. India,Azerbhaizan to set up commission to boost co-operation.

  8. Indian railways to launch Kurkure Expresses this summer.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Knickname of eminent cricketers

  1. Punter is Australian captain Ricky Ponting.He earned the name due to his liking for a flutter.
  2. Virgil is Michael Vaughan because of his likeness to a character from the Thunderbirds children’s show.
  3. Pigeon is McGrath. Courtesy his South Wales teammates, he has got this name due to the bird’s legs.
  4. Gilchrist is known as churchy.
  5. Bret Lee is known as Oswald.
  6. Mathew Hayden, with his dedication to physical fitness, is known as Hulk and unit.
  7. Michael Clarke has always been referred to as pup for his youthful looks on his debut in 2003 as a raw 22-year-old.
  8. Brad Hodge is Dodgeball.
  9. Brad Hogg is the postman, in reference to his former job.
  10. Ian Bell who has been called Boyband as well as Shermanator.
  11. Andrew Flintoff has been superfred, Mr.Infredible, but more recently Fredalo after his now-infamous late-night trip in pedalo in the early stages of the world cup.
  12. Monty Panesar is Parmesan Tony, an anagram of his own name.
    Among the New Zealanders, batsman Peter Fulton is called Two-Metre Peter. At 6ft 8inches,Fulton is believed to be one of the tallest cricketers.

SOURCE:-The New Indian Express

Sunday, April 8, 2007

LITERARY QUIZ-The New Sunday Express

Dear All,

Please find the "The New Sunday Express"-"Literary Quiz" questions and their answers dated 8th April,2007.

Questions & Answers:-

1.Which author once said that his best story was one consisting of only six words:For sale:baby shoes,never worn?

Ans:-Ernest Hemingway

2.Whose biography is titled"Daughter of the East"?

Ans:-Benazir Bhutto

3.What is common to the lifestyle of authorsJD Salinger and Thomas Pynchon?

Ans:-Both are infamous for their reclusive lifestyle

4.Why were designers Jason Cockroft and Mary Grandpre in the news recently?

Ans:-They are respective jacket designers for British and American editions of Harry Potter And the deathly Hallows.

5.What phrase in the English language has originated from Linus in the peanuts cartoon strip?

Ans:-Security Blanket


  1. Bangladesh rips apart South Africa.

  2. Pranab Mukherjee hurt in road mishap,stable.

  3. Indian players' contract scrapped,ads capped,match fees cut.

  4. Admissions to IIMs,top schools frozen.

  5. Gelatin filled car explodes in Tamil Nadu,14 die.

  6. SBI not to hike rate for existing borrowers.

  7. Ravi Shastri interim coach cum manager of Indian cricket team for the Bangladesh tour.Robin appointed as fielding coach whereas Venkateshprasad will take care of bowling.

Thursday, April 5, 2007


  1. Chappell retires hurt.

  2. Next SAARC summit to be held in Maldives.

  3. Mahindra Renault to launch"Logan" in May.

  4. No revision of GRE test:ETS.

  5. Lankans beat England by 2 runs in a nail biting finish:WC.

  6. Duties on imported cement lifted.

  7. Asia's richest woman,Nina Wang dies.

Monday, April 2, 2007



  1. Which virus is named after a cherry and caffeine soft drink popular with programmers?
  2. How are cyber-security consultants,with hacking skills,known in net-lingo?
  3. Which virus globally spread infected documents from the Ministry of External Affairs?
  4. Why is De Guzman infamous?
  5. Which Indian teenager wrote a book on "Ethical Hacking"?
  6. Which bank was hit by a St Petersburg-based criminal in the biggest ever cyberfraud?
  7. Who was the first hacker to be put on the FBI "Most Wanted" list?
  8. What is the difference between a "bug",a "virus" and a "worm"?


  1. Code Red
  2. White Hats
  3. Sircam
  4. Creator of Love Bug Virus
  5. Ankit Fadia
  6. Citibank
  7. Kevin Metnick
  8. A bug is an unintended malfunction.A Virus is any malicious programme.A worm replicates itself.


  1. Vishwanathan Anand is world's no.1 chess player.
  2. Biggest mkt crash in 2 wks, Sensex tanks 600 points.
  3. NRI to make use of RTI act.
  4. SAARC car rally reaches Delhi.
  5. Atleast 23 killed in Pakistan avalanche.
  6. Tsunami hits Solomon islands.
  7. Lankans thrash West Indies.
  8. Rang De Basanti and Lage Raho Munnabhai took away all the big awards at Zee Cine Awards function in Malaysia.

Sunday, April 1, 2007


  1. Pakistan cricket board suspends player's contracts.

  2. "Dhanush" test fired,Pakistan test fires 'ABDALI' successfully.

  3. TATA Power buys 30% stake in 2 Indonesian coal mines.

  4. Right to acquire property is constitutional,says Supreme Court.

  5. Congress Leader Jan Mohd.Kakroo shot dead in kashmir by terrorist.

  6. Alert in Tripura post Bangladesh Bird-Flu news.

Saturday, March 31, 2007


  1. Mumbai University to be listed in Bombay Stock Exchange.

  2. RBI ups key rates,loans to be costlier.

  3. India dreams of building own global luxury brands.

  4. Tamil Nadu bandh hits normal life.

  5. England beat Ireland by 48 runs.

  6. Tendulkar recieves flak from Ian Chappell,advices him to quit.

  7. Lambhargini to launch 'Gellardo' in India,priced at Rs.2.2Crore.

Friday, March 30, 2007


  1. SC puts OBC reservation on hold.

  2. Videocon pulls off ads feauturing Dhoni & Dravid.

  3. 3 get life for lynching Sikhs in 1984 riots.

  4. Sealing drive resumes in Delhi.

  5. Pepsi pulls off Rs.350 Crore Blue Billion ad blitz.

  6. Satyam signs $200M deal with US based applied materials Inc.

  7. Wipro to open 3rd delivery centre in China to cater to MNC clients.

  8. Kumble to say adieu to ODI cricket.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


  1. Three convicted in 1984 sikh riot case.

  2. Manjunath gets justice.death sentence to one and life imprisonment to 7 others.

  3. WC- the host fighting against the defending champion today.

  4. Intel to buold 2.5 billion dollar chip plant in China.

Monday, March 26, 2007


  1. India booted out of world cup.

  2. India,US to finalise nuclear deal today.

  3. BSNL plans to invest Rs.60,000 crores in 3 years.

  4. Japan shocked by giant earthquake.

  5. Shilpa Shetty to run for charity in London Marathon.

  6. ASTRA missile tested after a long gap;test fired from Chandipur-on- sea.

  7. Mumbai shakes with Shakira.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


  1. Orissa clocks Rs.418crore revenue surplus.

  2. Australia outplays SouthAfrica in world cup cricket.

  3. ICC to investigate the betting angle in woolmer's case.

  4. Telgi sentenced to 10 year life term.

  5. Indian Navy to base for UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)s in Andaman.

  6. Indira Nooyi the India Abroad Person of the year for 2006.

Literary Quiz-The New Sunday Express

Dear All,

Please find the "The New Sunday Express"-"Literary Quiz" questions and their answers dated March25,2007.


  1. Who is India's first graphic novelist?

  2. On whose graphic novel is the film 300 based?

  3. For what is the Orange Broadband Prize awarded annually?

  4. Which heavy metal band released a musical intrepretation of Coleridge's 'The Rhyme of the ancient mariner'?

  5. The biography of which actress has been recently penned by Bhawana Somaaya?


  1. Sarnath Banerjee

  2. Frank Miller

  3. For the best novel by a female writer

  4. Iron maiden heavy metal band

  5. Hema Malini

Saturday, March 24, 2007


Dear All,

Some good questions from Brand Equity Quiz-2007 ,regional round held at Bangaluru & Chennai.Derek had come up with some nice questions as follows,

1.What’s common between a UK-based charity, a Spanish clothing chain, a South African low-cost airline and something that mummy gives me to eat?
Mango is a UK registered charity. Our mission is to strengthen the financial management of Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs).
Mango clothing chain which is famous retailer in Spain.
Mango is an internet-based low-cost airline operating in South Africa, and is wholly owned by South African Airways. It competes directly with the likes of rivals Kulula and 1Time.

2.What a "BORQINI" was?
Ans:-(A bikini for Arabs)

3.What is a freemium?
Ans:-(The freemium business model works by offering basic services for free, while charging a premium for advanced or special features. The word freemium is a portmanteau created by combining the two aspects of the business model: free + premium[1]. The business model has gained popularity with Web 2.0 companies[2].)

4.What is a prosumer?
Ans:-(This word is becoming fairly common but can be confusing, as it has two meanings. It was coined in 1980 by the futurist Alvin Toffler — in his book The Third Wave — as a blend of producer and consumer. He used it to describe a possible future type of consumer who would become involved in the design and manufacture of products, so they could be made to individual specification. He argued that we would then no longer be a passive market upon which industry dumped consumer goods but a part of the creative process.)

5.What was Al Ries's famous four letter wordanswer when asked "what's the size of the market when you are launching a product?
Ans:-(Zero,since markets do not exist but have to be built.)

6.Why did HLL call Dalda,Dalda?
Ans:-(Since the first dealer Dada added a "L" for Levers to the name.)


1. India virtually out of world cup after its pathetic show against the Lankans.

2. Nobel laureate, Wangari Muta Matahi was presented Jawaharlal Nehru Award for international understanding.

3. Justice for Manjunaath: 8 held guilty.

4. Dabur India looks to snap up 60% in singapore based company UNZA.

5. Rs.106 crore package for Gujurat riot victims.

6. Eminent writer in Oriya literature Pratibha Ray gets "Padmashree".