Monday, July 23, 2007

It's not history rather a blot on the history

Dear All,

It is a national shame for all Indians that a tainted woman like Prathibatai became the first woman president of the nation.The entire nation was skeptical about her and wanted not to have such a wrong precedence.However the UPA had numbers in their favour.They defied a common man's wish.The general mass of India can't choose their president,rather their so called representatives at lokshbha and Rajyasabha will decide the future of the nation.For them,their party high command's instructions are of prime importance.They are least bothered about the persona of the head of the nation.They are faithful to their party but not to their nation.

Now the same media who use to talk ill-will against Pratibha before the election started glorifying her through their channels.The token president will now start showing her loyalty to Sonia Gandhi insteadof being worried about the common man.

Had it been a poll where common men can select their president,the results would have been different.Now though NDA has come up with Najma Heptulha as their vice-presidential candidate who is much better than Mr.Hamid Ansari,the result will again go in UPA's favour.

Such kind of results will definitely force us to look into the disadvatages of a democratic system in India.

The UPA government definitely had created history but it's a blot on the history.

Warm Regards,

Manasa Nayak