Friday, April 11, 2008

Letters to the Editor-11/04/08-Mr.Bay Leaf again

Dear All,

I am happy to inform you that once again my write up on OBC quota is published in today's(11/04/08)The New Indian Express,Bhubaneswar edition,"Letters to the editor" section.


Mr.Bay Leaf


Dear Sir,

The Supreme Court judgment on OBC quota is disappointing for the student community of India. However; the exclusion of creamy layer gives at least some respite. Dividing the nation on the basis of SC/ST/OBC is detrimental for national integration. This will definitely have an impact on the quality of education and the process of enhancing the learning curve. IITs, IIMs may have to compromise with the quality of students while making an effort to comply the government reservation criteria. It also sends a wrong signal to the international arena who always believed in competencies as their selection criteria. The head count of OBCs was last done in 1931.Thus taking it as the basis of justifying reservation is illogical in 2008.This may lead to a tendency of getting false OBC certificates by manipulating personal information. The talented, competent poor students from upper caste will be frustrated by this backward step of Indian government and will become victims. As a result of this, entry into foreign varsities will become easier than entry into IIMs and IITs.Thus quality students would prefer education abroad. Further, it may intensify the brain drain problem.

Reservation on the basis of cast is not a solution to uplift the down-trodden rather it should be on the basis of economic factors. Distinction should be on the basis of merit only.

I take this occasion to congratulate YFE (Youth For Equality) and its volunteers for their relentless effort to not allow the political parties who are trying to impose vote bank politics on Indian citizen. They are actually doing a wonderful job in this regard and one day their effort will come out with an India not divided on the basis of reservation.

Every dutiful citizen should protest against this vehemently and protect the national integrity.Orelse; our next generation will suffer a lot. So, "Awake! Arise! Stop not, till you reach at your goal".

Warm Regards,

Mr.Bay Leaf