Friday, September 12, 2008

FUN-Facts UnknowN Contest-Question-12th September


Yesterday was 11th September, a date that will remain etched in all our minds for what happened in New York in 2001.For "March ahead"(our web site), 11th September also holds special significance in terms of one of the heroes of our web site,who acted as a guiding light for many a Indians and made India famous in the global arena.  Tell us what we are taking about?


Swami Vivekanada is the person who is actual hero of "March Ahead".His famous saying,'Awake'!'Arise'!Stop not till you reach at your goal.March Ahead....".

On Chicago, Sept 11, 1893, his famous speech which started with "Sisters and Brothers of America" created a special place in eveyone's mind in the world parliament of religions.

However the world trade center mishap also happened on the same date,Sept 11.


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