Monday, September 3, 2007


Dear All,

As discussed with you all after the seminar,I will be sending you some stuff which may help you to enhance your general awareness.This process will be known as "GYAANDHARA".

Give me a feedback regularly and suggest me about your requirements further.

This section will be having interesting articles,book review etc also. I go with the first mail which carries 10 questions along with their answers.

1.“Quality first, cost second” is used by which pen company as a punch line? (Add Gel)
2.“Think bright, not white” is used by which company? (Samsung)
3.“Bare necessities” is used by which dress company? (Colorplus)
4.Which courier company uses “We move the world”? (DHL)
5.Which of these car makes, advertised itself as “the ultimate driving machine”. (BMW)
6.Name the nationality of the founder of Bridgestone tires? (Japanese, Shojiro Ishibashi, whose name means “stone bridge”).
7.What brand of cigarette advertised in 1950 that more doctors smoked this brand than any other? It also advertised itself as “your choice for taste & mildness”. (Camel, there was a print ad that actually stated, “every doctor in private practice was asked. In 1934, Camel ads advised to “smoke as many as you want. They never get on your nerve”.
8.Name the president of India who was awarded Padma Bhusan, Padma Vibhusan and the Bharat Ratna also? (APJ Kalam)
9.What date is United Nation’s day? (24th October)
10.The first ‘celebrity’ share broker, his car collection and private luxuries had been the envy of the town i.e. till the ‘Stock Market’ scam of 1992 broke out. Amounts up to Rs 4,100 Crore were siphoned off. While almost all the accused are behind bars, the lead player has passed away. What was the name of this ‘prolific’ player, who is forever etched in the memory of the Indian investor as the quintessential bad boy? (Harshad Mehta)

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