Thursday, March 22, 2007


1.His mandate for group companies was clear: shape up, or ship out; be among the top three players in your business or get out of it.Identify the famous Business Leader?

Ans:-Ratan Tata,When he sold off Tata Oil Mills Company in 1993 people said he had no stomach for competition. When he exited ACC, India's leading cement company, people said he was frittering away his heritage. When he decided to build India's first indigenous car, analysts predicted ruin. Ratan Tata has proved all his critics wrong.

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1.Woolmer's death plot thicken.

2.Sri Lanka thrashes Bangladesh in World Cup cricket match.

3.NTPC's maiden project in Assam to roll out by year end.

4.ONGC remodels Tripura power plant.

5.Orissa cadre IAS officer Anita Agnihotri returns literary award to WB govt over Nandigram issue.

6.XLRI trains men in uniform to answer corporate calls.