Thursday, June 14, 2007

Enhancing Learning Curve with 'It happened in India'

Do you know Gopi Kukde?

May be the anser will be "Neh..No".Who's this???

However if I ask, 'Do you know the Onida Devil?'Yes, I do.

'Do you know pan pasand?'Answer: will be yah.."Shadi aur tumse,kabhi nahin".

All these are brainchild and creation of Gopijee.A relatively unknown advertising legend who hardly comes in any of the glossy suppliments, is also a key contributor in success of Kishore Biyani's successful communication with the Indian mass.

His localised,indigeneous lines like "channe ke bhaw kajju","rue er dame iellish","stall ke bhaw balcony" imprinted the value proposition of 'Big Bazaar'during the launch of their outlets across India through hoardings.

His "ab asli paise bachaiye" campaign created a uproar among consumers in mumbai during a promotional campaign and activation.

Big Bazaar printed hundred rupees notes of exact size and behind it mentioned the address of nearby Big Bazaar with the tag line "ab asli paise bachaiye' in bold and it was distributed at VT in mumbai.It looked like an original note and people flocked to have a piece of it.At last,even the police arrested the salesman who was doing this promotion.Later he was released and was not charged of printing fake notes.

Due to KB,today I know about Gopi Kukde the great.Thanks.