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“A” joined the organisation “B” as an engineer but didn’t like the job.So he shifted to sales.Later he became a successful sales person here. It is said that in a business card of his, “A” had written his entire career plan. His “56 for 56”campaign got him national glory while working at “B”. But due to his rough relationship with the owner of “B”, was asked to leave. Since then he joined the other player in the same industry, “C” who were about to be bankrupt. He transformed its future by his objective leadership and innovative ideas to a profit making organization. He also used the ad campaign "The pride is back" to denote the turnaround of his corporation. “A” had criticised severely George Bush and talked about the “9 C’s of Leadership” in his book “D” recently.A had also written another book “E” which is considered to be a an answer to another business legend’s book “ F”,which talks about Japan's post-war hard-working culture. “A” also served for a electric bike company-“G” as the head.Identify A,B,C,D,E,F & G?

Note:-The question carries 7 points.

Answers should reach by 6pm latest.


Mr.Bay Leaf


Dear All,

First time we had a tie yesterday for fastest correct answer entry title.

Rahul Singhal & Wasi Manazir were the fastest entries.Both posted the answer by 11.59pm.

A few people answered it as Sam Pitroda.


X was born in a sleepy hamlet called Umreth.X was a chartered accountant.X had a brief stint with journalism writing for Times of India,magazine Surya .He use to earn Rs.600 for his assignment with Surya which was having Maneka Gandhi as its editor.Computer graphics was also his passion.An Imperial College,London, alumni had interest in film and advertising film making.He worked with Shyam Benegal for Manthan as a spot boy to understand nuances of film making behind the camera.He served as General Manager of OCL.He formed the 'Asian Travel Writers Association', to promote Indian writing on travel and tourism. He accomplished a lot in his short life span; short of his two other dreams, one of owning a commercial pilot's license and the other-directing his own masala movie. His friend Harish was turning point who got X to a different role in an organisation and from there he changed the face of the industry with which the organisation deals.X helped many a Indian states to draft their IT policy. Identify X.


Late Dewang Mehta

There were 26 correct answer entries.

Wasi Manazir 11.59pm
Rahul Singhal 11.59pm
Abhishek Chandak 00.00am
Bharath 00.03am
Sunny Manchanda 00.06am
S Debadutta Kar 00.07am
Vishnu 00.17am
Ashish Kumar 00.38am
Bhuwan Mahajan 00.47am
Ninad 01.22am
Deepak Harsha 07.22am
Srivatsan 12.43pm
Prateek Vijayvargia 10.23am
Ashish Lath 12.16pm
Varun Ramamurthy 1.10pm
Prateek Rath 2.47pm
Kamal Rathi 3.15pm
Ankesh Agarwal 4.39pm
Gaurav Dasgupta 4.35pm
GS.Sudhakar Rao 4.38pm
Shubhendu Saha 4.37pm
Sidharth Gongala 4.43pm
Aparna Ganesh 4.52pm
Bhavin Kamdar 5.28pm
Pradeep Rao 5.39pm

The scoreboard at the end of 5th edition of FUN-Facts UnknowN contest looks like this.

Deepak Harsha 2.33
Ashish Bhatt 2
Abhishek Kumar 1
Krishna Bhargav 1
Biswajit Pattanayak 1
Prateek Vijayvargia 5
Prateek Rath 3
Kalikivayi Suresh 2
Sricharan Iyer 1
Varun Krishna 1
Rahul Singhal 5
Bharath 5
Subhomay 1
Debashish Mishra 1
Aravindan Vijayakumar 1
Ashish Kumar 3.66
Aparna Ganesh 2
M Suresh Kumar 2
Ninad 4.33
Sylvian Patrick 3
Sunny Manchanda 4
Aravind-Tiruchi 0.66
Nambirajan 2.66
Sharat 3
Kamal Rathi 4
Shubhendu Saha 4
Abhishek Chandak 2.66
Tanuj Sethi 1.66
Navneet Bal 0.75
Wasi Manazir 2.66
Anindya B 1
Prabal Chaudhri 1
Gaurav Dasgupta 2.66
Shreyas Joshi 1
Sriram A 1
Asish Agrawal 1
Archana Venugopal 1
Ankesh Agarwal 2.75
Ashish Lath 3
Nrupal Choudhari 1
Vishnu 2
Vishnu Mohan Menon 1
Deepjyoti Deka 1
Sunil Singh 1
Dhanvanthari Manjunath 0.66
P George 1
Prashant Mannur 0.66
Anubhav Rastogi 1
S Debadutta kar 3
Bhuwan Mahajan 1
Srivatsan 1
Varun Ramamurthy 1
GS.Sudhakar Rao 1
Sidharth Gongala 1
Bhavin Kamdar 1
Pradeep Rao 1

In case I missed out anyone's name,kindly bring it to my notice.

The first five prizes are just on their way to the winner.Any time,you may recieve it.

There are people who are waiting late night for the question to be updated and trying to be the fastest.It is actually pretty encouraging for me.However,now onwards the question will be posted any time after 6pm.Previously it use to be posted in between 11.45pm to 1am at night.Now onwards,the posting of questions will be a surprise to all of you.This is result of many a participant's requests and suggestions.Nobody should get any unfair advantage.Your suggestions are important for me.Thus kindly keep on posting your auggestions.

You can post your answers upto 6pm on the same day.Answers after that will not be considered for the scoreboard.

The highest scorer of the month will get Rs.500/- or prizes worth it.

The score board at the end of a month goes to zero and from the next month,it starts afresh from zero.

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