Saturday, March 15, 2008

'God's own country'-Kerala

This is a print advertisement by Kerala Tourism.They used this popular phrase,'God's own country' .This phrase was first used by an alumnus of IIT,Mumbai & Carnigie Mellon University,who used this phrase first time while creating the first-ever webpages on Kerala and Malayalam in 1993.Who is this person?Identify him?
Mr.Bay Leaf

Source:-It was a forwarded mail by one of my favourate students Sujeet Patnaik.
If Google had a black screen, taking into account the huge number of times this search engine is used, 750 megawatts/hours of energy per year would be saved. In recognition of this fact, Google has created a black version of its search engine, called Blackle, with the exact same functions as the white version, but with lower energy consumption.
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Mr.Bay Leaf


1.X got its name from a famous and most respected family of kerala who believed in Ayurveda. Dr.V.P.Sidhan, who successfully converted this traditional wisdom of this family found in ancient palm leaf manuscripts and created its flagship brand Y. Identify X & Y?(clue-Limca book of record most number of 'Pookalams' under one roof is credited to this company)
Answer-X-Cholayil, Y-Medimix
2. X produces dishwash bar/liquid,household insecticides,fragrances,distributes tea,coffee in India.Jeeva naturals is a brand of soap belongs to X.It distributes the Y brand of dhoop marketed and owned by Balaji Telebrands Ltd.Identify X & the agarbatti brand Y.Identify X & Y?Z is the visionary who founded this company? Identify X,Y & Z?(This company had six sales girls in its first Marketing team to sell their products door to door to housewives.)
Answer-Jyothy Laboratories,Exo is dishwash brand, Ekta`s Karyasiddhi Graha Shanti Dhoops is a variety of agarbatti aimed at customers with astrological interests and beliefs. The brand is owned and marketed by Balaji Telebrands Limited and is distributed by jyothy laboratories, M P Ramachandran

3.'Salvadore Persica' - the famous 'Toothbrush Tree' used for centuries. The astringent and bactericidal properties of it help reduce tooth decay, fight plaque and prevent gum disease.Which Indian brand has got its name from it?
4.This Indian brand got its name from 'Acacia Arabia'?
5.Ace Shaving Cream belongs to which business group?
6.Odopic brand is owned by which business group?
Ans:-Dabur,acquired by them from Balsara

7. Ayurveda Vikas - A Monthly Ayurvedic magazine in Hindi from ____________business group?

8.Connect Sterling hospital, Mrs.Marino, Stopache?
Ans:- Paras Pharmaceuticals (Sterling Hospital - a multi super-speciality hospital by paras pharma, mrs. marino is an after-shampoo rinse-off hair softener by paras pharma, Stopache is an analgesic pill that provides relief from headaches by paras)

9.In medical terminology, 'It' is called 'Intertrigo'. Which popular brand came as a solution to it?Identify the brand.It had addressed an issue, which was so common, so personal to everyone, yet so unspoken.
Ans:-Itch Guard
10.This specialised ayurvedic product contains active ingredients such as oil of Wintergreen, Tarpin oil, Nilgiri oil and Mint flowers to provide a 'soothing warmth' in order to relieve pain.It is commercially known as __________ to the consumers(majorly housewives).Fill in the blank.