Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Connect it.It carries only 1 point.Please explain your connection properly.

Deadline:-9th july,9pm.

Mail your answers at or SMS at 9337222518.

Missed out karthikeya Tripathy and Wasi Manazir in yesterday's scoreboard.Will add you both to the scoreboard after 8th edition.Sorry for the inconvinience.


Mr.Bay Leaf



Connect it.Connect the three pictures given as an attachment.Explain the connection properly.It carries 1 point only.

Deadline:-8th July,8pm.


Mr.Bay Leaf
Manas Nayak


Connection:-These movies have won Oscar's in all the major categoris : Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor and Best Actress which are collectively known as "The Big Five".An Oscar Grand slam is one that takes all five of the major categories. These include best picture, best actress, best actor, best director and best screenplay. In the 80 years since the awards have been distributed, only three pictures had a sweep.

The first picture was "It Happened One Night," a 1934 romantic comedy starring Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert. In addition to the picture, Gable and Colbert winning Oscars, Frank Capra won for best director and Robert Riskin won for best writing.

The second picture to win a sweep was "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" in 1975. This starred Jack Nicholson and Louise Fletcher, who won for best actor and actress respectively. Milos Forman won for best director and Lawrence Hauben and Bo Goldman won for best writing.

The third and last picture so far to win a sweep was the 1991 thriller, "The Silence of the Lambs." Sir Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster won for actor and actress, Jonathan Demme for best director and Ted Tally for best writing.

21 all correct answer entries.

Name Time Score
Rahul Singhal 9.02am 1
Vishnumohan Menon 4.23pm 1
Naimisha 10.34am 1
Udaibhan Singh 12.23pm 1
Sangram Banerjee 1.59pm 1
Sylvian Patrick 10.59am 1
Siddharth Gongala 1
Ashish Sharma 10.37am 1
Subhendu Saha 1
Ninad 2.20pm 1
Bharath 10.24am 1
Ashish Kumar 3.20pm 1
Balaji Sarathy 1
Tathagata Mukherjee 1
Dipankar Ghosh 1
Debasish Mishra 3.22am 1
Aashish Agrawal 1
Prateek Vijayvargia 1
Deepanshu Berry 2.54am 1
Anirudh Patel 1
Jacob dijo 1



Name Score
Wasi Manazir 15
Rahul Singhal 20
Bhuwan Mahajan 8
Gaurav Dasgupta 16
Vishnumohan Menon 10
Kathakoli Dasgupta 7
Kamal Rathi 8
Souvik Mandal 8
Naimisha 16
Udaibhan Singh 8
Sangram Banerjee 13
Ankesh Agarwal 16
Jayanthan 6
Munna Kumar 7
Jay Chajjer 15
Sylvian Patrick 18
Siddharth Gongala 19
Krishna Kumar 7
Ashish Sharma 20
Subhendu Saha 11
Bhrumics S 14
Preshant Sampath 7
Ninad 8
Jayant Mukherjee 7
Amit Pandeya 7
Ankit Kothari 7
Abhishek Kumar 8
Kshira Saagar 16
Bharath 8
Karthik GB 14
Ramchandran V 6
Karthikeya Tripathy 7
Siddharth Gaurav 7
Ashish Kumar 18
Aravind Ghosh 1
Sunil Singh Rana 1
Kashturi 1
Abhishek Das 1
Balaji Sarathy 12
Aparna Ganesh 10
Tathagata Mukherjee 12
Rahul Tirukallam 1
M Suresh Kumar 6
Akshay Anantharaman 1
P Deepak 1
Dipankar Ghosh 12
Parambrahma Mohapatra 5
Debasish Mishra 7
Avijit Khan 3
Aashish Agrawal 2
Vikas Mishra 5
Abhishek Das 1
Sonjita 3
Rahul Tirukallam 1
C Ganesh 2
Prateek Vijayvargia 4
Sandeep Manmohan 5
Antony Pidiath 1
Sridharan Doraivelu 5
Deepanshu Berry 1
Anirudh Patel 1
Jacob dijo 1

Mr.Bay Leaf
Manas Nayak