Friday, March 14, 2008


1.X got its name from a famous and most respected family of kerala who believed in Ayurveda. Dr.V.P.Sidhan, who successfully converted this traditional wisdom of this family found in ancient palm leaf manuscripts and created its flagship brand Y. Identify X & Y?(clue-Limca book of record most number of 'Pookalams' under one roof is credited to this company)

2. X produces dishwash bar/liquid,household insecticides,fragrances,distributes tea,coffee in India.Jeeva naturals is a brand of soap belongs to X.It distributes the Y brand of dhoop marketed and owned by Balaji Telebrands Ltd.Identify X & the agarbatti brand Y.Identify X & Y?Z is the visionary who founded this company?Identify X,Y & Z?(This company had six sales girls in its first Marketing team to sell their products door to door to housewives.)

3.'Salvadore Persica' - the famous 'Toothbrush Tree' used for centuries. The astringent and bactericidal properties of it help reduce tooth decay, fight plaque and prevent gum disease.Which Indian brand has got its name from it?

4.This Indian brand got its name from 'Acacia Arabica'?

5.Ace Shaving Cream belongs to which business group?

6.Odopic brand is owned by which business group?

7. Ayurveda Vikas - A Monthly Ayurvedic magazine in Hindi from ____________business group?

8.Connect Sterlinghospital,Mrs.Marino,Stopache?

9.In medical terminology, 'It' is called ‘Intertrigo’. Which popular brand came as a solution to it?Identify the brand.It had addressed an issue, which was so common, so personal to everyone, yet so unspoken.

10.This specialised ayurvedic product contains active ingredients such as oil of Wintergreen, Tarpin oil, Nilgiri oil and Mint flowers to provide a ‘soothing warmth’ in order to relieve pain.It is commercially known as __________ to the consumers(majorly housewives).The famous 'Ek minute maalish...."Fill in the blank.


Derek's question made me inquiz-itive to know about some more rules by Sam Walton.He also handed down "The Ten Foot Rule" which is one of the secrets of Wal-Mart customer satisfaction..During his many store visits, he encouraged associates to take a pledge with him: "I want you to promise that whenever you come within 10 feet of a customer, you will look him in the eye, greet him, and ask him if you can help him."

Mr.Bay Leaf


Dear All,
G.Sreekanth & Sabyasachi,once agin winning the kolkata round of Brnad Equity-08.Since my school days, I am counting 'How many quizzes are won by Sree".They were in 2004,06,07 finalists,however never won the national finals.
Some interesting questions were:-
  1. Which company was founded by brothers ambrogio and Egidio in 1946? (Perfetti)
  2. During world war-ii,what did the british call "TATAnagars". (The armoured vehicles built by the TATAs)
  3. What is the "SUNDOWN RULE"that wal-mart strives to achieve? (strive to answer requests by the close of business on the day we receive them. Whether it's a request from a store across the country or a call from down the hall, every request gets same-day service.)When I was working with Career Launcher,our MD Nikhil Mahajan,sent a group mail to all the employees talking about this rule.So I new about it beforehand.I never thought that one day Derek will be asking it as a question.This is what,you can learn from anything and everything,which will be beneficial to you somewhere or the other.)
  4. Every year,what does kolkata municipal corporation buy 400 tonnes of at a cost of Rs.50 Lakh? (Broomstick)
  5. Whose designation reads managing director,Leftword Books? (CPI(M) General Secy,Prakash Karat)

Anyway,wishing Sree & Sabyasachi,all the best for the finals...signing off Mr.Bay Leaf.


Manas Nayak


1.Formica brand of laminates belong to which Indian business group?(Wadia Group)
2.BONAQUA brand of packaged water belongs to whom?(Coca Cola,to be launched very soon in India)
3.X the son of an Indian Army general. He is the first Parsi to be selected to the upper house of UK parliament. He came up with a solution to the General dissatisfaction with the "gassy and heavy" British beer that "just did not go well with Indian food”. In 1990 created a brand Y?Identify X & Y?(X-Karan Billimoria,Y-Cobra Beer)
4.TATA Safari-DICOR is a great brand.DICOR stands for ____?(Direct Injection Common Rail)
5.Who owns mouth refresher brand “Funda Mint”?(Godfrey Phillips India,IT'S THEIR ENTRY INTO THE CONFECTIONARY MARKET)
6.BURNOL brand belong to whom?they also own beauty retail chain Lifespring?(Dr.Morepen,Previously it was with Reckit Benckiser,even burnol was with them,acquired by Dr.Morepen in 2002 if I am not wrong..)
7.TACO Bell is a chain of QSR.What does QSR stands for?(Quick Serve/Service Restaurant)
8.Elder pharmaceutical Ltd has tied up with Haw par Singapore to market this product in India. The product is manufactured in India as per the quality parameters of Haw-Par-Healthcare Singapore. This brand is known world wide for its quality and effectiveness and is marketed in more than 100 countries. Identify the popular brand?(Tiger Balm)
9.Who owns AMPM Mouthwash?(Elder pharmaceutical)
10.Expand CIPLA?( The Chemical, Industrial & Pharmaceutical Laboratories)
Mr.Bay Leaf