Saturday, February 14, 2015


Entry:1:-The KICK....
Ritesh Ray the Quizzard shares his love for Quizzing:-

Though i won't call myself an avid quizzer,i have been to a lot of quizzes.
I would recall my first quiz show chronicles with MBC TV hosted by
Manas Sir,the first quiz I won at inter school level at class 5,the
golden jubilee quiz hosted by Siddharth Basu Sir,the single handed win
at Neurotica 2013 as few moments of my life that gave an enormous
amount of Kick.(Woh kehte hein naa ke mujhe Quizzing se KICK milta hein...)

I still remember that KQA event where me,Adarsh/talent
kumar Mohapatra,Akshat Praneet and Pranav Manie collaborated and were
placed 3rd in the country.
Guess the team name?...Bajaunga!!!.

The last quiz I attended was the quiz hosted by the Interact club of our school
and the likes of debajit sir and Ravi banjare sir donning the QM's hat
made it special.There are a lot of better quizzers than me in my
school and the competition was tough.

At the last round we were 20points astray of the leaders i.e. Amogh and Aditya and the question
was a series connect.
We dont know how but the connect struck our minds,me and Somnath after a lot of discussion gave the answer although half unsure and won the quiz!.The last question victories are always special.

Quizzing is one of the things in my life...the only thing right now..besides staring at my crush,that gives me enough kick to keep me going.Quiz and Girl are not comparable in the context of valentine,one gives money while other uses :p 
Quiz you are my Valentine this year and i love you from the whole of my body. :)