Monday, May 12, 2008

Changing Orissa's name to Odisha

Dear Sir,

Ceat tyres dumped its running rhino from its logo.Shopper's stop also came out with a new logo and identity.I think the fever of change has caught the Naveen patnaik government.They have applied for changing the name of the state Orissa in the Indian constitution.

Since my childhood,whenever I watched the "Mile sur mera tumhara" song,I use to be upset because the odiya version of it was not done properly in that film.Even most of the Odiyas will agree to it.The heavy hindi accent was there in it.Similarly the anglicized pronounciation "Orissa" was not original.I appreciate the Naveen government's effort to change the name from "Orissa" to "Odisha".More than that,first time the opposition and rulling parties are having a single voice in its favour.We should spell the names the way same as we pronounce them.The colonial baggage will be dumped with the changes.

However,if I consider the new name as a brand name,then the personality of brand "Odisha" the state also has to change.The impact of southern storylines,dance style on Olywood has to be changed.The conversation in Hindi instead of our mother tongue among Odiyas must be changed.The respect for odiya culture,food habits also need a change.The fighting spirits of Odiya has to be rejuvenated and people of Odisha should start being proactive in each and every arena.Not a single Odiya has recieved a Bharat Ratna yet.Only three odiya people's portrait are placed in the central hall of our parliament.The very recent addition is Jai Rajguru to the brigade of Biju Pattnaik & Harekrushna Mahtab who were already there.How many Odiyas know the Bande Utkala Janani song?If we do a survey,the results will be depressing.When is Utkal Divas celebrated?A few answers may come out.Odiyas outside Odisha do not introduce themselves as Odiyas as they are not proud of their identities.It is really sad.So a uphill task is ahead.Let us try to put ourselves and our culture at the zenith not by misdeeds rather by some deeds.Vande Utkala Janani.

Warm regards,
Mr.Bay Leaf