Wednesday, August 27, 2008

FUN-Facts UnknowN Contest-27th August-Question & Answer

"X"(pic-1),a history graduate from mumbai university along with "Y"(pic-2)started "Z",which he edited for a decade."X' started his career as a journalist and later worked as the manager of first Indian publishing house in London."X" himself a cancer surviver,suffered from malignancy lymphoma, a form of cancer that affects the lymph nodes."X" went on to write a book "P",which are series of letters to another cancer patient and telling her how to overcome it and creating hope during the darkest phase of her life."X" was director of a trust for more than a decade namely "Q" of an Indian Business house and also co-founder/chairman of another organisation namely "R",which publishes a bi-monthly journal, 'Philanthropy'.Identify X,Y,Z,P,Q & R.
(P is coincidentally considered as the autobiography of X.)
(clue:-Y's grandfather,founded Swatantra Party that opposed Nehruvian Socialist of Congress party during his time.)
The question carries 6 points.Mail your answers at or SMS at 9337222518 by 8pm.
27TH EDITION WINNER:-Deepanshu Berry
X= Rusi M Lala,Y= Rajmohan Gandhi, Z= Himmat Weekly, P= Celebration of the Cells: Letters From A Cancer Survivor, Q= Sir Dorabji Tata Trust , R= Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy