Saturday, August 23, 2008

FUN-Facts UnknowN Contest-23rd August-Question & Answer

Connect all the three pictures and explain the connection properly.

(Clue 1.1:-"Be more." & Clue 1.2:-The person in the second picture is an alumni of Oxford University.He was here on a scholarship of a business house,that he joined later and turnaround its business successfully leading by example .)

The question carries 4 points.Once you identify the pictures,the connection would be easier.3 points for identifying the picture and one point for explaining the connection properly among them.

Mail your answers at by 8pm today or SMS at 9337222518.

Pic 1: Titan, or Saturn VI is the largest moon of Saturn Pic 2: Xerxes Desai, MD of Titan Industries Pic 3: Logo of TIDCO(Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation )
Connection: Titan Industries, which is jointly held by Tata Group & TIDCO. XD launched the country's premier watch company in 1986 and today it is one of the few really global Indian brands.
12 All correct answer entries. Winner:-Sidharth Biswas
Mandhata 4
Siddhartha Biswas10.13am4
Tathagat Mukherjee 4
Sylvian Patrick 4
Dipankar Ghosh 4
Avijit Khan 4
Swagata Mukherjee 4
Sangram Banerjee 4
M Suresh Kumar 4
Shubhendu Saha 4
A.Shruti 4
Harshvardhan Bhatkuly 4