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"A" had interest in drawing and paintings. Thus after high school applied to JJ School of Arts, Bombay, but the dean of the school denied showing his lack of talent to enroll for such a reputed institution and his drawings were not up to the mark.Bala Saheb Thackeray was "A"'s colleague during his first job at Free Press Journal. "A" has never worn a wrist watch in his entire life. "A"'s creations were used in a movie by the male protagonist of a bollywood movie namely Mr.& Mrs.'55. "A" did distinctive illustrations for his elder brother "B"'s book namely "C" which got his brother name, fame & glory as a writer and made popular among children."C" is a collection of short stories about a popular fictitious town.Even this was serialised by Doordarshan."B" is having a Filmfare Best Story award to his credit.The film for which he recieved the best story award is "D",the same movie which won Best Film,Best Director,Best Actor,Best Actress,Best Cinematographer & Best Dialogue in the Filmfare award this year.It was also nominated for Best Music Direction and Best Playback Singer,female category.Actually this movie is based on one of his critically acclaimed novel. "B" was shortlisted for the Nobel Prize in Literature several times but never won. "A" is also credited for creating a popular mascot named "E". 'A''s wife "F" ,also is a popular writer, whose book namely "G" were serialized by Doordarshan. "F" also had written a book "H"on a series of stories about a baby elephant and his mother and their adventurous journey in the jungle.Mangu the monkey,wise bird Gumchikki are some of the popular characters from it.Even the illustration of this book is done by her sweet husband, "A".Identify A,B,C,D,E,F,G& H?

The deadline for the answers would be upto 8pm.

The question carries 8 points.Kindly be careful about the serial order of your answers as eight things are asked.

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