Saturday, March 24, 2007


Dear All,

Some good questions from Brand Equity Quiz-2007 ,regional round held at Bangaluru & Chennai.Derek had come up with some nice questions as follows,

1.What’s common between a UK-based charity, a Spanish clothing chain, a South African low-cost airline and something that mummy gives me to eat?
Mango is a UK registered charity. Our mission is to strengthen the financial management of Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs).
Mango clothing chain which is famous retailer in Spain.
Mango is an internet-based low-cost airline operating in South Africa, and is wholly owned by South African Airways. It competes directly with the likes of rivals Kulula and 1Time.

2.What a "BORQINI" was?
Ans:-(A bikini for Arabs)

3.What is a freemium?
Ans:-(The freemium business model works by offering basic services for free, while charging a premium for advanced or special features. The word freemium is a portmanteau created by combining the two aspects of the business model: free + premium[1]. The business model has gained popularity with Web 2.0 companies[2].)

4.What is a prosumer?
Ans:-(This word is becoming fairly common but can be confusing, as it has two meanings. It was coined in 1980 by the futurist Alvin Toffler — in his book The Third Wave — as a blend of producer and consumer. He used it to describe a possible future type of consumer who would become involved in the design and manufacture of products, so they could be made to individual specification. He argued that we would then no longer be a passive market upon which industry dumped consumer goods but a part of the creative process.)

5.What was Al Ries's famous four letter wordanswer when asked "what's the size of the market when you are launching a product?
Ans:-(Zero,since markets do not exist but have to be built.)

6.Why did HLL call Dalda,Dalda?
Ans:-(Since the first dealer Dada added a "L" for Levers to the name.)


1. India virtually out of world cup after its pathetic show against the Lankans.

2. Nobel laureate, Wangari Muta Matahi was presented Jawaharlal Nehru Award for international understanding.

3. Justice for Manjunaath: 8 held guilty.

4. Dabur India looks to snap up 60% in singapore based company UNZA.

5. Rs.106 crore package for Gujurat riot victims.

6. Eminent writer in Oriya literature Pratibha Ray gets "Padmashree".


Dear All,

"One Indian is better than ten Japaneese; however ten Japanese are better than 100 Indians”. This is what many people in the corporate arena feel about Indians being good individually but failing as a team. The best case let for proving this will be Indian cricket team who were demolished by the alacrity of Lankan cricket team.Let us analyse each and every character of this case let.

Dhoni only fires in Indian pitches or while riding his motor bikes, not while representing his nation in cricket matches. The Indian captain was very low at risk taking ability in all these matches. The fear of loosing was much heavier than the burning desire to win. It is being said that "Leaders are dealers of hope”. But Dravid himself was hopeless during the matches and the body language was very defensive. He was waiting for the competitors to make a mistake. Why Shehwag, Yuvaraj were not given the ball in the last match? This is a million dollar question.

Once again ,going by the past successful records, he preferred Harbhajan who was not getting wickets in stead of Anil Kumble,who has the ability to turn around the matches in his team's favour.He also played a devil's role in case of Yuvraj's run out.

The so called world famous master blaster is a demi-god and had become an integral part of International cricket record book. However always fails to deliver in crucial matches though a great success against minnows like Bermuda. Still Guru Chappel’s "Perform or Perish”, is not applicable in his case. I believe many a Indians will agree with me that any other sportsman in his place would have immediately declared his retirement after such performances in the recent past. Such experienced players should have led from the front in cricket matches. Unfortunately he led from front in getting advertising assignments. I believe companies like ITC should immediately remove him as brand endorser of "sachin's fit-kit” biscuit which is a virtual mis-fit in this case.

Tendulkar may be a good batsman but not a great player like his Australian or West-Indian counterpart. A good player score well for himself. In the other hand, great players play well under pressure and prove their excellence. That is why, Brian Lara or Ricky Ponting are considered as better players by many a critics. They are "Match Winner’s although not having the distinction of "maximum number Of Man of the Match Award” winners like Sachin.These players play quality cricket against quality teams.

At this juncture, the Indian team is not eligible to play international cricket.Thus they should be banned of playing cricket till a result oriented next generation team is ready to roar and deliver.Let the selection committee groom the under19 players and give chance to budding talents.The non-performers should pay a price for their irresponsiblity.There should be a performance based incentive scheme for match winners which will encourage them to do well further.

All the members of Indian cricket team must do a self-appraisal. The older players need to retire and pave the way for young generation of players who are waiting for a berth in the national team.BCCI should concentrate in grass root level cricket tournaments. The internal politics should be avoided.

The print and electronic media are requested not to glorify mediocre achievements and building a facade around Indian fans. They should minimise the kind of attention given to them and turning them from single match performer to all time celebrities. May be it will have an impact on their TRP ratings but will make the cricketers focusing on playing techniques than cat-walk techniques.

The coach and captain must try to imbibe patriotism into player's blood and make them more responsible to live up to billions of fan's expectations. Importance of ethics needs to be explained to the players, so that they keep themselves at an arm’s length from match-fixing and bookers.

Or else the future of Indian cricket is bleak.

Warm regards,

Mr.Bay Leaf

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