Thursday, April 12, 2007

Knickname of eminent cricketers

  1. Punter is Australian captain Ricky Ponting.He earned the name due to his liking for a flutter.
  2. Virgil is Michael Vaughan because of his likeness to a character from the Thunderbirds children’s show.
  3. Pigeon is McGrath. Courtesy his South Wales teammates, he has got this name due to the bird’s legs.
  4. Gilchrist is known as churchy.
  5. Bret Lee is known as Oswald.
  6. Mathew Hayden, with his dedication to physical fitness, is known as Hulk and unit.
  7. Michael Clarke has always been referred to as pup for his youthful looks on his debut in 2003 as a raw 22-year-old.
  8. Brad Hodge is Dodgeball.
  9. Brad Hogg is the postman, in reference to his former job.
  10. Ian Bell who has been called Boyband as well as Shermanator.
  11. Andrew Flintoff has been superfred, Mr.Infredible, but more recently Fredalo after his now-infamous late-night trip in pedalo in the early stages of the world cup.
  12. Monty Panesar is Parmesan Tony, an anagram of his own name.
    Among the New Zealanders, batsman Peter Fulton is called Two-Metre Peter. At 6ft 8inches,Fulton is believed to be one of the tallest cricketers.

SOURCE:-The New Indian Express