Tuesday, September 9, 2008

FUN-Facts UnknowN Contest-Question & Answer-9th September

Dear All,

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Connect the all three pictures.Explain the connection properly.

pic 1: Kishore Kumar

pic 2: poster of the movie 3 Deewarein

pic 3: Teacher's achievement awards ka logo

connect: Nagesh Kukunoor...

judged the show "K for Kishore" on tv..coming up with amovie on Kishoredaa
directed the movie 3 deewarein...also acted as Nagaiya..written the story also
won the teacher's achievement award for creative and performing arts in 2002
Name Time score
Sylvian Patrick   1
Tathagat Mukherjee   1
Souvik Mandal Fastest 1
M Sureshkumar   1
Sangram Banerjee   1
Chiranjit Mandhata   1
Ninad W Lucky Draw 1
Ghanshyam Malviya   1
Miraj   1
Deepanshu Berry   1
Darshana Parmar   1
Aniruddha Dutta   1
Congratulations to Ninad & Souvik.