Saturday, September 4, 2010


1.who handed over first Maruti 800 car to Harpal Singh?(Indira Gandhi)
2.In mandarin,it is ke-ko-ke-le which means Happy Feelings in your mouth.What am I talking about?(coca cola)
3.What symbol is used in India for a non polluting and environmental friendly product during manufacturing and usage?(Matka or a Pot)
4.In the movie,Dil Se Srk Khan was working with which organisation?(AIR)
5.This term was coined by Ben Hammersely which means "audible revolution" etc.....what am I talking abt?(Podcast)
6.The name of the company comes from a biblical character,it means a container,it is something to do with travel accessaries etc....what is it?(Samsonite)
7.See the USA in your _________.(chevrolet)
8.which is the only state to have three stock exchanges?(Gujurat)
9.Stamped coin in sanskrit is a currency of a nation.What is this?(Taka)
10.Kavita Choudhury acted in the DD serial UDAAN.She is famous in the advertising world as what?(Lalitaji of surf)
11.Maurice Wilks & Spencer Wilks started something in 1947 etc.......(Landrover)
12.We can associate Elliot Handler,Bentley Bradley with this brand of toy,kids love it the most and demand for it from their parents.What is this?(Hotwheels)
13.A wax model of this commercial symbol was first to be placed in Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in is the first ever commercial symbol to get a place in tussaud"s....(Singapore Girl of singapore airlines)
14.carta blanca,eristoff vodka,greygoose...which bigger brand name is missing from the group?(Bacardi)
15.Lumix Digital camera,viera plasma belong to whom?(Panasonic)
16.Minister Anand Sharma's picture given and asked to identify?
17.PNX is the ticker symbol of trading?This company is there in India now.Name the huge conglomerate?(Best question..stumped all..the answer is POSCO)
18.Fiama di wills logo was given and asked to identify.
19.I hate Love Story's one of the producer is UTV,Which other production house produced it?(Dharma Productions)
20.Amul advertisement was shown with the pic of P.Chidambaram with a bread n butter.As sweet as ______,is the taste of AMUL.The print ad was shown.(Budget will be the answer)

We missed out some easy questions like Dharma,Samsonite and yet again missed the dias.Kamal Rathi,my partner answered an audience question which was one of the difficult questions and got an audience quiz.I left after the first round of the finals,cause I was about to host a quiz at Confidence Factory at Rotary Club,Bhubaneswar by 5PM.Final questions to be collected and to be posted soon.When I left the hotel,XIMB was way ahead followed by Vizag Steel,Vodafone,IOC.finally heard that XIMB won and Vizag Steel runners-up.Last time the XIMB professors were there in the finals but missed the bus.This time they were in full form.As Giri said beautifully,the quiz was a tribute to Teacher's Day tomorrow.

NOTE:-The questions are not framed properly in a hurry..bye..all the best..excuse me for this.