Sunday, February 17, 2008

KWIZ PAKODAH-18/02/2008

1.It translates as "four divisions of the military"-- infantry, cavalry, elephants, and chariots, represented respectively by pawn, knight, bishop, and rook.It is considered to be an older version of chess played in the sixth century.This ancient games name is ________________.

2.Connect Angoor,Khoon ka khoon,Do dooni Chaar,Omkara.

3.This game said to have been invented by gurus to teach children about the rewards of doing good and the pitfalls of evil.It was known as Moksha Patamu in ancient India.

4.Ji Xianlin was in news recently.Why?

5."Growing up in Barnsley,I never dreamed there would be a statue of me in the middle of the town.He had umpired at four world cup finals and I was awarded an MBE(Member of the order of the British Empire medal)in 1986.He unveiled a statue of himself in his home town.Identify him.

6.This MD made a two-minute film on how to use shampoo and its benefits to create awareness,because rural people were so ignorant they simply ate up the stuff inside the transparent packets taking it to be jelly".His father,a school teacher used to say"I want to make products that are affordable to even a rickshaw puller".Who is the person,identify?

7.Identify the person in the picture?

8.It got the name from that Mascot's name,the beloved star of the 1982 Asian Games in New Delhi.What is it?Why it is in news recently?

9.Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia eloped in this bike in the movie "Bobby"?Name the bike?

10.This teetotaler cricketer also played for Africa XI, World XI, Dolphins and Warwickshire.His wife Lauderdale was a finalist in the beauty pageant in her nation in the early '90s and also worked for MTN, a South African telecom company.Who is this?

11.Bajaj contends that CC-VTi tech(Controlled Combustion Variable Intelligent)used in TVS new 125cc motorbike "Flame" infringed on its DTSi patent.Thus Bajaj sued TVS and madras high court restrains TVS-M from selling and manufacturing 125 cc bike?DTSi stands for???