Sunday, August 31, 2008

FUN-Facts UnknowN Contest-31st August-Question & Answer,Monthly Summary-August

Connect it.Explain the connection.
(clue:-Picture-1 is the flag of a political outfit and the person in picture-2,had recieved the Ramon Magsaysay Award for his public service.The political outfit's flag in picture-1 is not founded by the person in picture-2.Moreover picture-3 is related with picture-1.)
3 points for identifying the pictures and 1 point for explanation.
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1. Praja Rajyam Party flag launched by mega star ChiranjeeviIncidently,it is the name of a leadership training programme launched by Dr. Jayaprakash Narayana who founded another political outfit namely Lok Satta in Andhra Pradesh
2. Jayprakash Narayan-famous JP,remembered especially for leading the opposition to Indira Gandhi in the 1970s and for giving a call for peaceful Total Revolution
3. Lok Satta Party founded by Dr.Jayprakash Narayana.(Both JP & he has same name) Connection : Jay Prakash Narayan
I know,it sounds a stupid connection though....

31st Edition Winner:-Chiranjit Mandhata
There were only 10 correct answers.
Deepanshu Berry 1,Chiranjit Mandhata 1,Tathagat Mukherjee 1,Sylvian Patrick 1,Ninad W 1,Dipankar Ghosh 1,Avijit Khan 1,Swagata Mukherjee 1,M Suresh Kumar 1 & Gaurav Dasgupta 1.
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There were 107 participants in total this month(August). Happy to inform you all that,the maximum number of editions are won by Deepanshu Berry.So the highest pocket money this month is earned by him.However,consistent correct answers made Tathagata Mukherjee,the monthly highest scorer.So he will be getting Rs.500/- for being the highest scorer of August month.

Dear Tathagata!Congratulations for being the runner up in TATA Crucible Quiz-TATA Track in Bangalore also.Others please join me to congratulate him for this achievement.

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