Thursday, March 13, 2008


  1. Formica brand of laminates belong to which Indian business group?
  2. BONAQUA brand of packaged water belongs to whom?
  3. X the son of an Indian Army general. He is the first Parsi to be selected to the upper house of UK parliament. He came up with a solution to the General dissatisfaction with the "gassy and heavy" British beer that "just did not go well with Indian food”. In 1990 created a brand Y?Identify X & Y?
  4. TATA Safari-DICOR is a great brand.DICOR stands for ____?
  5. Who owns mouth refresher brand “Funda Mint”?
  6. BURNOL brand belong to whom?they also own beauty retail chain Lifespring?
  7. TACO Bell is a chain of QSR.What does QSR stands for?
  8. Elder pharmaceutical Ltd has tied up with Haw par Singapore to market this product in India. The product is manufactured in India as per the quality parameters of Haw-Par-Healthcare Singapore. This brand is known world wide for its quality and effectiveness and is marketed in more than 100 countries. Identify the popular brand?
  9. Who owns AMPM Mouthwash?
  10. Expand CIPLA?

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