Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Know our Constitution

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This is a special contribution from my intellectual partner Sanjay Mohanty.To know more about him log on to .He also is a quiz master and a career consultant.This is going to be helpful for school students.

  1. The longest written constitution of any independent nation in the world,belong to which nation?(Answer:-India)
  2. What are the first words of the preamble of Indian constitution?( Answer:- "We, the people" - It signifies that power is ultimately vested in the hands of the people of India.)
  3. How many schedules are there in Indian constitution?(Answer:- 12)
  4. Schedules can be added to the constitution by amendment. True or False.(Answer:-True)
  5. How many articles are there in Indian constitution?(Answer:-404 )
  6. What are the number of fundamental rights and fundamental duties in the constitution?(Answer:-Six and Ten respectively)
  7. By which ammendment, the right to property was deleted from the fundamental rights list of the constitution?(Answer:-44th ammendment)
  8. The words "liberty","equality" and "fraternity" were the inspiration of which historical event?(Answer:-French Revolution)
  9. Which ammendment added the words "Socialist","secular","democratic","republic" words in the Indian constitution?(Answer:-42nd ammendment)
  10. Which ammendment is called "the mini constitution"?(Answer:-42nd ammendment)
  11. When was the Indian constitution adopted?(Answer:-26th Nov,1949)
  12. When was the Indian constitution enforced?(Answer:-26th Jan,1950)
  13. Who was the chairman of the drafting committee of the Indian constitution?(Answer:-Dr.B.R.Ambedkar)
  14. Emergency Provision u/a 356 of Indian constitution is adapted from which constitution?(Answer:-Weimar constitution,Germany)

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Manas Nayak

Know this president

1.He was the first popularly elected president in Russian history.He was endorser of "Shock Therapy" program to transform communist economy to a capitalist economy.Identify the person?

Answer:- Boris Yeltsin, he was president of Russian Federation during the period of 1991-99.Died on 23rd April,2007 at age 76.


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