Friday, August 29, 2008

FUN-Facts UnknowN Contest-Question & Answer-29th August

"X" was doing a database project for the organisation "Y" and named it as "Z",which later on became his flagship product which was very successful and he named his company after that.The company was originally founded as "A", putting up a mere $2000 of his own money and renamed as "B" and later to its current name.Like Roman Abromivich,he also owns a yacht.Name the yacht-"C"?(clue:-Steve Jobs was his official wedding Photographer.He took his company public,just a day before Microsoft did so.)
Identify X,Y,Z,A,B & C?It carries 6 points.
Deadline:-On or before 8pm,29th August.
Mail your answers to or SMS it to 9337222518.

X=Larry Ellison
Y=he was working for Ampex Corporation, project was for CIA
A=Software Development Laboratories
B=Relational Software, Inc
C=Rising Sun,Sayonara

Larry was working with Ampex Corporation,however the database project was for the organisation CIA. Ellison owns the fifth largest yacht in the world named "Rising Sun" which reportedly cost over US$200 million to build.Ellison won the 1998 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race in his yacht "Sayonara".
16 Correct answer entries.
Winner:- Debashish Misra
Deepanshu Berry 6
Chiranjit Mandhata 6
Aashish Kumar 6
Siddhartha Biswas 6
Tathagat Mukherjee 6
Sylvian Patrick 6
Dipankar Ghosh 6
Avijit Khan 6
Swagata Mukherjee 6
Sangram Banerjee 6
M Suresh Kumar 6
Shubhendu Saha 6
Gaurav Dasgupta 6
Shyam Naren 6
Abhishek Kumar 6
Debasish Misra 6
Nishit Ganatra 6