Sunday, April 8, 2007

LITERARY QUIZ-The New Sunday Express

Dear All,

Please find the "The New Sunday Express"-"Literary Quiz" questions and their answers dated 8th April,2007.

Questions & Answers:-

1.Which author once said that his best story was one consisting of only six words:For sale:baby shoes,never worn?

Ans:-Ernest Hemingway

2.Whose biography is titled"Daughter of the East"?

Ans:-Benazir Bhutto

3.What is common to the lifestyle of authorsJD Salinger and Thomas Pynchon?

Ans:-Both are infamous for their reclusive lifestyle

4.Why were designers Jason Cockroft and Mary Grandpre in the news recently?

Ans:-They are respective jacket designers for British and American editions of Harry Potter And the deathly Hallows.

5.What phrase in the English language has originated from Linus in the peanuts cartoon strip?

Ans:-Security Blanket


  1. Bangladesh rips apart South Africa.

  2. Pranab Mukherjee hurt in road mishap,stable.

  3. Indian players' contract scrapped,ads capped,match fees cut.

  4. Admissions to IIMs,top schools frozen.

  5. Gelatin filled car explodes in Tamil Nadu,14 die.

  6. SBI not to hike rate for existing borrowers.

  7. Ravi Shastri interim coach cum manager of Indian cricket team for the Bangladesh tour.Robin appointed as fielding coach whereas Venkateshprasad will take care of bowling.