Monday, July 23, 2007

It's not history rather a blot on the history

Dear All,

It is a national shame for all Indians that a tainted woman like Prathibatai became the first woman president of the nation.The entire nation was skeptical about her and wanted not to have such a wrong precedence.However the UPA had numbers in their favour.They defied a common man's wish.The general mass of India can't choose their president,rather their so called representatives at lokshbha and Rajyasabha will decide the future of the nation.For them,their party high command's instructions are of prime importance.They are least bothered about the persona of the head of the nation.They are faithful to their party but not to their nation.

Now the same media who use to talk ill-will against Pratibha before the election started glorifying her through their channels.The token president will now start showing her loyalty to Sonia Gandhi insteadof being worried about the common man.

Had it been a poll where common men can select their president,the results would have been different.Now though NDA has come up with Najma Heptulha as their vice-presidential candidate who is much better than Mr.Hamid Ansari,the result will again go in UPA's favour.

Such kind of results will definitely force us to look into the disadvatages of a democratic system in India.

The UPA government definitely had created history but it's a blot on the history.

Warm Regards,

Manasa Nayak

Monday, July 9, 2007

What's the big deal..I am also an woman and also an Indian

Dear All,

Recently every news channel is busy having discussions on our future token president Pratibha tai.So it could able to generate some interest in me about the issue.I also started asking many of colleagues about their opinion about Pratibha Patil,especially female colleagues.One of them came out with a write-up which was just an eye opener for me.Her name is Suchona Patnaik.Here we go with her thoughts about this episode......

Suchona who is an Indian woman says ....

Owing to my poor general knowledge, I was completely unaware of this lady called Mrs.Pratibha Patil.It was only when she was chosen as UPA’s front-runner in the Presidential race, I got an inkling of her existence. My curiosity led me to delve deep into the life of this prospective ‘First Citizen’ of India.

A staunch Gandhi-family loyalist Pratibha started her political career right from her college days. She was an MP before she became the Health Minister of Maharashtra.In 2004 she became the first female Governor of Rajasthan. But apart from these glorious political stints, there are some unpleasant facts as well. The license of the Pratibha Mahila Sahakari Bank run by Pratibha was cancelled for flouting financial policies.

Sant muktabai sahakari sarkar karkhana, a co-operative sugar factory, of which she was the founder-president, was declared a defaulter for failing to repay a Rs17.5cr loan.

She is also accused of shielding her brother, who is involved in a murder case.
During her stint as an MP.she had diverted funds of MPLADS to support a trust run by her husband.

She also received flak, for advocating that people with hereditary diseases should be compulsorily sterilized. I firmly believe these are not the pre-requisites to be a leader of a nation.

I wonder on what ground her nomination has been termed as “a historic occasion on the 60th yr of India’s independence”. If this is only because she is a female, then what’s the big deal……… am I!

NOTE:-This write up is written by Suchona Patnaik.

She is a post-graduate in English from Utkal University working as a career counselor with an education consultancy organisation namely IMS Learning Resources Pvt.Ltd.

Sunday, July 8, 2007


1.He was the only Goan-born cricketer to play for India?In West Indies, he was popularly known as 'Sardee-man'. During his successful 1970-71 tour there, he was asked at the airport whether he had anything to declare. 'I have come here with runs', he replied, 'and I'll go back with more'.His son is the CEO of a very famous news channel and a very famous journalist.Identify this legendary cricketer?

Answer:-Dillip Sardesai