Thursday, September 4, 2008


Connect it.Correct explanation of the picture-1 with picture-2 & 3 is required.Also identify the person in picture-1.

3 points for this question.


Pic 1 : Thomas Friedman
Pic 2: Logo of Dell, Friedman updated the Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention
Pic 3: Mac Donalds Golden Arches - The Golden Arches Theory of Conflict Prevention
Connect is : Theory of Conflict Prevention

8 all correct answer entries.

Tathagat Mukherjee- Fastest -3 Souvik Mandal   3 M Sureshkumar- Lucky Draw- 3 Varun Reddy   3 Shyam Naren Jayraman    3 Chiranjit Mandhata   3 Swagata Mukherjee   3 Varun Athreya   3

Fastest correct Answer Entry:-Tathagat Mukherjee
Lucky Draw winner:-M Sureshkumar