Wednesday, January 28, 2015


If Quiz is your First Love, then it's time to shout it out loud this Valentines Day to the world & express it.
Do take part in our initiative, ‪#‎QUIZismyValentine‬ ‪#‎ValentinesDay‬ between ‪#‎Feb7th‬-‪#‎Feb14th‬,2015.
Write a Love Letter to your beloved,Quiz/Quizzing/Trivia/Info or a poem or a mobile movie,an audio message, an one act play(Recorded),a song dedicating your Love or may be just a click while quizzing or asking questions as a QM or while taking a weekly session or a pub quiz or may be a quiz@picnic or quiz@TreasureHunt, to be precise..(I mean at whichever place you were InQUIZitive or sharing your KNOWLEDGE with one or many, in whichever forum).
It has to be of 45 secs to 180 secs if it's a video/audio presentation.In case of a word doc/pdf, it should be of maximum 3000 words, if it's a powerpoint presentation,max 10 slides.
All these will be shared on a youtube channel & blog & FB/Twitter/Pinterest posts & all the entries,your best Love stories/expressions will be rewarded.
For any queries mail me at or call me at 9582423135.
This will culminate to the start of a Social Network of Quizzing namely "QuizConnect" where quizzers,Quiz Masters across India can have their profile, share their quiz stories & share info related to Quizzing.Over a period of time,we aim to also start a Live Streaming of Live Quizzes.
QC will also give an opportunity to all Quizzards to be a QM daily or answer questions asked by people across the nation.
So, let's Fall in LOVE as LOVE is in the air...
Feel free to share your ideas/thoughts further....
Time to start your LOVE Story on this valentine & propose ‪#‎Quizzing‬ to be your Valentine, if you want to kick start...
So let the LOVE Flourish now onward....