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X- The singer produced the movie with Y-the music director of the movie Z.The movie was a commercial flop, whereas the producers X and Y bagged national award for best playback singing and best music direction respectively.Intersting to note that the director - W of the movie who was also the lyricist received national award for best lyrics in that year,1991 only.Identify W, X, Y & Z? (Think Bollywood).



Sorry for being late.Internet connection problem,different answers from great quizzerS made me restless and to find out the most accurate answer,I got into a 6 hour research cause ultimately the right information should be posted.Hard effort always pays off.Finally it had a happy ending of knowing that both the answers are correct.Even to check out and get evidences,downloaded all the 39 episodes of Malgudi Days serial from you tube.Everywhere,it said,'RK Laxman's Malgudi Days.An interview of great Sankar Nag's wife's interview also said so about his husband's wonderful creation.However I carried on.Went by the name of each episode and checked out with the content of both the books "Malgudi Days" and "Swami & Friends" and successfully found all the stories.Sent mails to DD-Doordaeshan and Rajshri Productions who own it.Waiting for their replies to re-confirm.The search page copy sent by Rahul Singhal was a good evidence to prove his point,but we can't ignore You tube original video copies of entire Malgudi Days serial series.At last,found that some are from 'SWAMI & FRIENDS' and others are from 'MALGUDI DAYS'.

giving you the links of this entire episode of search for appropriate and accurate answer.
Malgudi magic

V.N. Narayan says further: "Malgudi is Narayan's greatest invention wherein he could put in real people, real places in one harmony of day-to-day existence and eccentricity. Every minor and major character of Narayan's stories fascinates, even the only villain to figure in all his writings, Vasu, the man-eater of Malgudi. Narayan is that supreme alchemist who discovered that the ordinary is the most extra-ordinary aspect of civilised living."

With Shankar Nag's touch, this extraordinary aspect turned into magic. "I have vivid memories of how he came home jumping and dancing to announce that producer T.S. Narasimhan had asked him to make Malgudi Days for television," recalls Arundhati Nag, wife of Shankar Nag and dialogue writer for Malgudi Days. The voracious reader that he was, he had read R.K. Narayan's books cover to cover. But that didn't stop him rediscovering Malgudi's magic with the project on hand.

When the pilot episode (Old Man and the Temple) was approved by a visibly overjoyed R.K. Narayan, Nag went full steam. "We worked very hard, day and night. He had such a wonderful team, in fact the best of those times."

Arundhati recalls how Shankar and she, with their little Kavya, literally "packed up their lives" and went uphill to Agumbe, where much of the series was shot. "The crew and the actors were such a huge number that we had occupied every jagali (front yard) of Agumbe," she remembers. The logistics were intimidating. One episode demanded donkeys and there wasn't a single one in Agumbe, necessitating their sourcing and carting them uphill. For another episode, they even ferried an elephant in a lorry! Dialogue writers, makeup men, lighting team, actors... pitched their tents and worked with total commitment, switched off to time.

But times have changed. "Though I do have many of the crew members from the original Malgudi like the art director and the associate director, it's not the same. Now, everybody is professional and works by schedules.

And with urbanisation and globalisation, even Agumbe is not the same!" explains Kavitha Lankesh. So much so that now 300 vehicles pass every day on the once peaceful Agumbe road, making it extremely difficult to sync sound.

Making it 20 years later, Kavitha has had to face a lot more impediments, even in terms of creating period ambience. For instance, they had to hunt high and low for an old bus before finally locating one of the right vintage in Saundatti, driving it 400 kilometres to the location.

Tathagat Mukherjee and few others(sorry!Don't remember all the names) were among the very few who mentioned the name of both books by RK Laxman and endorsed that Malgudi Days serial was its adaptation.

The other part of the question revolving around the mascots created by Laxman.His famous creation the character COMMON MAN is used as a mascot by Air Deccan.In fact,captain Gopinath has to take permission for this.Laxman was said that,if you use the COMMON MAN as mascot,you have sell the tickets at Rs.1/-,which Gopinath promised him and did it later.The other famous mascot created by him for Asian Paints is Gattu.Thus both are the mascots and correct.
wah!!!There were 34 all correct entries.Happy to know that RK Laxman,RK Narayan are so known, who are the golden brothers who had put India at its zenith by their contribution in their own fields.

A- RK Laxman
B- RK Narayan
C- Malgudi days/Swami & Friends,other stories
E - Common Man for TOI/ Gattu for Asian Paints
F- Kamala Laxman
G-Tenali Raman
H- The Thama stories

The correct answer entries are:-

Name Time score
Wasi Manazir 1.23pm 8
Rahul Singhal 12.05pm 8
Abhishek Chandak 2.36pm 8
Bhuwan Mahajan 12.09pm 8
Gaurav Dasgupta 8.42am 8
Jay Chajjer 12.38pm 8
Vishnumohan Menon 8.11am 8
Sylvian Patrick 12.29pm 8
Ankesh Agarwal 1.09pm 8
Prateek Vijayvargia 1.03pm 8
Subhendu Saha 11.43am 8
Aashish Kumar 1.36pm 8
Dhanvantari Manjunath 8.59pm 7
Tathagata Mukherjee 4.31pm 8
Tanuj Sethi 2.16pm 8
Mayank Mikhail Mukherjee 5.50pm 5
M Suresh Kumar 11.28am 8
Anuradha Sridhar 4.04pm 8
Kshira Sagar 1.09pm 8
Udai Bhan Singh 8.36am 8
Debasish Mishra 8.38am 8
Souvik Mandal 11.07am 8
Harish 11.18am 8
S Aditya 1.55pm 8
Aniruddh Venky 5.49pm 8
Sathya Narayanan 8
Sumant Srivathsan 11.22am 8
Aparna Ganesh 11.29am 7
Siddharth Gongala 11.35am 8
N Sadashiv 12.12pm 8
Anand Babu 2.18pm 8
V Ramachandran 3.23pm 8
Raghav 4.01pm 8
Sridharan Doraivelu 7.40pm 8
Sandeep Kumar 9.38pm 3


Name Score
Deepak Harsha 7.33
Ashish Bhatt 2
Abhishek Kumar 1
Krishna Bhargav 1
Biswajit Pattanayak 6
Prateek Vijayvargia 45.5
Prateek Rath 15
Kalikivayi Suresh 14
Sricharan Iyer 1
Varun Krishna 1
Rahul Singhal 48
Bharath 18
Subhomay 1
Debashish Mishra 9
Aravindan Vijayakumar 1
Aashish Kumar 33.66
Aparna Ganesh 14
M Suresh Kumar 15
Ninad 26.33
Sylvian Patrick 26
Sunny Manchanda 4
Aravind-Tiruchi 0.66
Nambirajan 2.66
Sharat 3
Kamal Rathi 12
Shubhendu Saha 30
Abhishek Chandak 36.66
Tanuj Sethi 9.66
Navneet Bal 0.75
Wasi Manazir 44.16
Anindya B 1
Prabal Chaudhri 1
Gaurav Dasgupta 45.66
Shreyas Joshi 1
Sriram A 2
Asish Agrawal 1
Archana Venugopal 4
Ankesh Agarwal 15.75
Ashish Lath 3
Nrupal Choudhari 1
Vishnu Mohan Menon 44
Deepjyoti Deka 13
Sunil Singh 1
Dhanvanthari Manjunath 24.66
P George 1
Prashant Mannur 8.66
Anubhav Rastogi 1
S Debadutta kar 3
Bhuwan Mahajan 40
Srivatsan Mehta 10
Varun Ramamurthy 9
GS.Sudhakar Rao 1
Siddharth Gongala 10.75
Bhavin Kamdar 2
Pradeep Rao 1.5
Deepanshu 18.33
Harish 9
Ramarathnam 1
Jay chajjer 35
Shaaaaam 7
Uma Murthy 8
Vinod Valecha 7
Tathagat Mukherjee 16
Rupinder R Singh 7
Anuradha Sridhar 20
Mehar Sridhar 7
Siddharth Bose 8
Pradeep Nayak 7
Meena Venkat 1
Debasis Patro 2
Saurabh 4
Naimisha 5
Vardarajan Raghunathan 4
Manoj 1
Syamal Mishra 1
Ajay Parasuram 1
Souvik Mandal 18
Saianjan Ram 1
Sureshkumar 5
Mahesh P 4
Rahul Jadhav 5
Ais Dev 1
Vikas Mishra 1
Mayank Mikhail Mukherjee 18
Bhrumics S 1
coolgal_mishu 1
Abhishek Das 4
Kshira Sagar 9
Vivek M N 1
Preshant Sampath 3
Sudheer Moro 3
Jayant Mukherjee 4
Narayanan Thigarajan 2
Rahul Deshpande 8
Udai bhan Singh 21
Siddharth Gongola 8
Mahesh Kadam 5
Anindya Bhattacharjee 5
Kartikeya Tripathy 5
S Aditya 8
Anirudh Venky 8
Sathya Narayanan 8
Sumant Srivathsan 8
N Sadashiv 8
Anand Babu 8
V Ramachandran 8
Raghav 8
Sridharan Doraivelu 8
Sandeep Kumar 8



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