Friday, August 22, 2008

FUN-Facts UnknowN Contest-22nd August-Question & Answer

India's participation in the first of these, the London Olympics of 1948, was in doubt till the last minute for financial reasons. X met the then prime minister and somehow convinced him that it was in newly independent India's interest to have her hockey team take on the world.X was the administrative head of the game in India when the country won gold in three successive Olympics.It is said ,it as the gloden period of Indian hockey.Identify him?He belongs which Indian business house?

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Question carries only 1 point.

Naval Hormusji Tata, ( Naval H. Tata joined the Tata Group in 1930, and by 1933 he was the secretary of the Group's Aviation division. In 1939 he was made the Managing Director of the Group's textile companies and in 1941 was made the Director of Tata Sons. Mr. Naval Tata was actively engaged with the Tata Charities and served as the Chairman of the Sir Ratan Tata Trust from 1965 to the time of his passing. He was the founder President of the Indian Cancer Society and held the position from 1951 through 1989.)

Easy question!However,only 13 correct answer entries.WINNER:-DEEPANSHU BERRY(Yet again.)

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