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Identify A,B,C,D &E ?"A"joined the company "B"in 1986, its turnover was Rs 85 crore, and today "B" and its allied companies earn revenues of Rs 2,900 crore.Expand "B" correctly."A's husband "C" also is an automobile tycoon and CMD of the Indian automobile giant "D"."A" went to wharton for an MBA after less than a year after her daughter was born.She did her MA (econometrics) from Madras University before her MBA.She is also a prominent member of the governing board of a prominent B-School in India/world,namely "E".Please find picture of "A" as an attachment.

Deadline is upto 12noon tomorrow,i.e.7th july,2008. 5 POINTS FOR THIS QUESTION.


A - Mallika Srinivasan
B - TAFE - Tractors and Farm Equipment ltd.
C - Venu Srinivasan(Husband)
D - TVS Motors
E - ISB(Indian School of Business),Hyderabad


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Easy one...

Identify her?She was trained for her chartered accountancy with Price Waterhouse but then dropped out to pursue an MBA in Harvard.When she started work at Pricewaterhouse, she was the only woman employee.This alumna of Delhi university also worked for Standard Charted Bank,Morgan Stanley India operation also.

Deadline for the same is 7th july,10am.


Naina lal kidwai of HSBC,the first Indian woman to pass out from Harvard.

Fun-facts unknown contest-4th edition-july-question & ANSWER

Identify him?A famous writer cum journalist.His birth place is the city of joy.He loved India and written most of his books on India.He worked for an organisation whose motto is "Nation Shall Speak Peace Unto Nation" for 22 years.Name the organisation.

The question carries two points.One for the person,the second point is for the organisation.

The deadline for answering this question is 7th July,10am.


Mark Tully
British Broadcasting Corporation(BBC)


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This is one of its kind and the only one in Asia.It stands on a beach.What am I talking about?Identify it from the picture given and name it.(Clue:-Think 1971 Indo-Pak war and a submarine.)It carries 2 points,one for identifying it and the second point for naming it.

Deadline to answer:-6th July,2008 by 8PM.

Mail your answers at or SMS at 9337222518.


A Submarine museum stands on a beach of Vizag. It is the only one of its kind in Asia. Only the USA, the UK and Russia have such museums.

INS Kursura/Karasura, built in the USSR and commissioned in the Indian Navy as its fourth submarine on December 18, 1969, played a crucial role in the 1971 Indo-Pak war. Decommissioned in February 2001, it now majestically rests in an enclosed area at the Ramakrishna Beach in Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh. The narrow entrance has been cut open wider and exhibits have been put in place, including a photo gallery depicting the sub's past glory and mannequins to show the working of various units.

Submarine museum(Kursura) at Vizag
INS Kursura


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I am back to Bhubaneswar.Just sending you the second edition answer and results.

The 3rd,4th,5th,6th edition question will be published soon by today afternoon.


Easy one.

Connect it.(Think a character adaptation/imitation common to all.)

Clue:-A railway station in Willimantic, Connecticut is named after him.It is said that he received the longest standing ovation in Academy Award history, lasting a full five minutes.

Explain the connection clearly.

The question carries only one point.

Sridevi dressed and acted as Chaplin in a scene for the Hindi Film Mr. India.
Raj Kapoor modeled his character on Chaplin in Hindi films like Shri 420 and Mera Naam Joker
Chiranjeevi, a Telugu actor imitated Chaplin in his movie "Chantabbai".
Kamal Haasan, another Indian actor moulded his character "Chaplin Chellappa" in the tamil film Punnagai Mannan

Chaplin station in Willimantic, Connecticut is named after the famous comedian.

WINNER:-Kamal Rathi

Name Score
Wasi Manazir 8
Rahul Singhal 7
Bhuwan Mahajan 8
Gaurav Dasgupta 8
Vishnumohan Menon 7
Kathakoli Dasgupta 7
Kamal Rathi 8
Souvik Mandal 8
Naimisha 8
Udaibhan Singh 7
Sangram Banerjee 7
Ankesh Agarwal 8
Jayanthan 6
Munna Kumar 7
Jay Chajjer 7
Sylvian Patrick 8
Siddharth Gongala 8
Krishna Kumar 7
Ashish Sharma 7
Subhendu Saha 8
Bhrumics S 7
Preshant Sampath 7
Ninad 8
Jayant Mukherjee 7
Amit Pandeya 7
Ankit Kothari 7
Abhishek Kumar 8
Kshira Saagar 6
Bharath 8
Karthik GB 7
Ramchandran V 6
Karthikeya Tripathy 7
Siddharth Gaurav 7
Ashish Kumar 8
Aravind Ghosh 1
Sunil Singh Rana 1
Kashturi 1
Abhishek Das 1
Balaji Sarathy 1
Aparna Ganesh 1
Tathagata Mukherjee 1
Rahul Tirukallam 1
M Suresh Kumar 1
Akshay Anantharaman 1
P Deepak 1
Deepankar Ghosh 1

The fastest three are:-
Kamal Rathi 10.03am 1

Sylvian Patrick 11.51am 1
Siddharth Gongala 11.20am 1

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