Monday, December 24, 2007

Tare Zameen Par addresses Effective Parenting

Dear All,

Recently, I had seen the Aamir Khan directed movie namely "Tare Zameen Par".It is an outstanding movie addressing issues like "Effective Parenting and it's importance to shape the kid's lives".It encompasses a journey of a student who is being forced to be a book worm and was compared with his peers.Thus the kid suffers from chronic depression and also looses his interest in painting where he is good at.This is a common scenario in Indian family.Most of us are accidental engineers,doctors,MBAs whereas our personal interest was something else.We run after percentages only killing our own interest and power of creativity.At times,parents become conditional in their love and it reallly leads to low self-esteem.In today's busy world,parents don't give time to their wards.Instead,engage them in videogames,WWF etc.Studies have shown that children who hit usually have a role model for aggression at home.This in return,teaches the kids about violence,sex,aggression etc.The negative inspirations from violent movies,games etc corrupt their mind.I believe the recent Gurgaon shoot out was end result of this only.

I would request each and every parents of India to accompany their kids to watch this masterpiece created by Aamir Khan and crew which actually carry a social message.Such movies should be tax-free across the country.Even the school authorities should watch it to understand the student psychology.This will give them the cues to come out with innovative teaching methodologies without compelling them to do something they dislike.


Manas Nayak