Monday, August 13, 2007


Dear All,

What a BLUNDER is???

A serious mistake.

Now,Who is going to decide about the intensity of seriousness?

A simple mistake for me can be serious one for my friends.

Recently,I sent a wrong message to one of my friends through an sms.However I did send the same message to my beloved and before I send a similar message to a very good friend of mine,should have edited.But failed to do so.Next morning,when I saw the sent message,then realised about the blunder.Sent an message feeling sorry about the entire episode.However,it was too late and as a result of this..lost a well-wisher,friend,philosopher & guide.It had such an impact on my work,my mind,body and soul that I couldn't control myself.Struggling to sleep peacefully..which signifies my repentance for the same.Begged a lot for pardon,but my friend's verdict was not to be in touch in future.I respect this decision.May be I don't qualify to be a true friend.

Then I realised,my simple mistake in that SMS,hurt my friend a lot.Without any male intention,I sent an SMS which hurt someone's sentiments.

The person who had great respect for me till that date,is hating me the most.

Through out my life time,I ll carry a blot on my self-image and it will be hauling at me forever in my life.I can't do anything now...just will pray God everyday to bring back my friend into my life.Hope,God forgives me for this.

Few days before,I wrote a blog against Pratibha Patil having a blot and not being elgible to be the honourable president of India.If I follow the same logic,I too have a blot on my character here and I too do not have any right to live in this society. Thus I had decided not to comment upon any person's competencies or personality in future.

A person who had a blot on his own persona,can't decide about others.

Manas.....!!!!!You have to a pay a heavy price for this blunder.


Mr.Bay Leaf